Ogie Alcasid swears Regine Velasquez will be "the last in his life."


For the first time on television, Ogie Alcasid announced his undying love for Regine Velasquez.

They say that once the love bug attacks you, you'll be feverishly in love! Vic Sotto announced on TV last December 4, 2006, about Pia Guanio, "She'll be the last woman in my life."

Ogie Alcasid made a similar declaration yesterday, June 2, about his love for Regine Velasquez. "She is the only one in my life, and she'll definitely be the last."

For the first time on television, the highly successful songwriter spoke extensively and endearingly about the love of his life—Regine Velasquez.

Ogie kept his promise to Startalk and obliged with an interview before leaving last Thursday for the United States to do a series of shows.

Regine had said previously that she was afraid of the consequences, especially the backlash that would surely be inflicted against them after Ogie's candid confession to YES! magazine about their relationship. Addressing Regine, Ogie had this to say:

"Huwag ka nang matakot. Mahal na mahal naman kita. Mag-rest ka na ‘dun sa love ko kasi hindi kita pababayaan."

Ogie admitted being surprised by Regine's statement during the presscon of Pinoy Pop Superstar held last May 21, in which she confirmed Ogie's brave admission and reiterated how special the singer-songwriter is in her life.

According to Regine, she was making statement to show Ogie that they were together in fighting for their love.

"I was surprised but I was also very touched by what she did," an emotional Ogie said.

Ogie divulged during the interview that as much as he kept his silence throughout the years to protect Regine, he was doing the same in finally admitting the long-rumored relationship.


"Kaya nga ako umamin para ako na lang ang tirahin," he explained. "Just attack me. Say what you have to say about me kahit ‘di n'yo alam ang totoo."

Ogie also stated that although he was already falling for Regine during the latter part of his marriage, Regine wasn't the primary reason his union with Michelle Van Eimeren crumbled.

"Hindi naman sapaw. But whatever the reason Michelle and I broke up is amin na lang," he said.

"Michelle and I are friends. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to say it [his relationship with Regine]."

In a rare display of tears, Ogie swore that he is happy with Regine:

"She is the only one in my life and she'll definitely be the last."





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