Bruce Quebral: Wendy is the best!


"Honestly, i think not. Kasi kapag may gusto akong sabihin sa kaniya, sinasabi ko. And siguro 'yong dating lang sa kaniya is medyo malakas lang 'yong boses niya. Malakas lang 'yong dating. But honestly, I think not," said Bruce about viewers thinking that he does not stand up to Wendy.

"Wendy labas!" chanted the crowd last night, June 28, at the eviction hall of Pinoy Big Brother. Even though the boos outnumbered the applause, Wendy Valdez still made it to Season 2's Big Four.

"Bruce, laban natin ‘to!" exclaimed the former beauty queen. Wendy was, of course, referring to Bruce Quebral—her love interest inside the house who was evicted last Tuesday, June 26.

Now that he is out, Bruce is doing an all-out campaign for his "Wendang" to win.

"I think Wendy is not annoying for me. In my opinion, she's not annoying. She's not irritating," said Bruce about the bad rep that Wendy is getting. "She's the best, compared to my ex's."

There has been talk that the people didn't vote for Bruce because of his association with Wendy. Bruce thinks otherwise.

"Honestly, it's their own opinion, but 'yong stay ko sa house is parang wala akong regret na ginawa ko dahil 'yon nga ginawa ko 'yong nasa puso ko. Wala talaga akong pagsisisi nung umalis ako, honestly," he asserted.

He added, "Kasi ang money kaya naman kitain after this. Hindi ako natatakot magtrabaho. So no worries about that."

Bruce is one of the housemates who admitted having financial problems. The former UP (University of the Philippines) Fighting Maroons player stand as his family's breadwinner after his father died two years ago. Bruce is the eldest in his family.

"Honestly, 'yong [motivation to join] talaga is for the experience. Sinabi ko 'yon. Three reasons [for entering the house], for the experience, for my family and to touch lives," he said.


Does he think he has accomplished all three?

He answered, "I hope. Talking to my mom a while ago, I think I did. She is proud of me."

WENDY. Before he joined PBB, Bruce was in a relationship with a non-showbiz girl, a U.P. alumna. It was said that the two concealed their relationship because the girl's religion did not permit her to have relations with a person not of the same belief.

Inside the house, Bruce started to develop a close bond with Wendy. It wasn't until after the Big Brother swap (Bruce became a part of BB Slovenia for a week) that he admitted to Wendy that he had a girlfriend. He eventually "broke up" with his girlfriend through television. He told Big Brother that he was choosing Wendy over his girlfriend.

"Honestly, 'yon nga, nung nalaman ko na kung sino talaga ang mahal ko and 'yong kaya ko nang panindigan and I know the reasons kung bakit mahal ko talaga si Wendy, ginawa ko na 'yon and I have no regrets... Kasi na-realize ko na mahal ko si Wendy. I had to choose na rin. Like nung sinasabi ko [kay Wendy], it's not about the house. It's about who she is in my life," he explained.

Bruce revealed that he had a chance to talk to his girlfriend.

He narrated, "Nag-usap kami sa phone and she was driving. She told me that she's here na in Manila and 'yon parang I need to meet her kapag babayaran ko na siya kasi umutang ako sa kaniya dati, and nag-usap kami na 'yon wala na talaga kami, and 'yon, she forgives me. Of course, nasaktan siya."


It has also been said that Bruce has a history of falling for someone else while still in a relationship.

"I'm up to proving it na this time it can be right. Wendy can be right. And Wendy knows it na may tendency ako na ganoon. Let's see," he ended.





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