Tonyboy Cojuangco out of danger, says Gretchen Barretto


Standing beside her man: Gretchen Barretto happily announced to close friends and associates that the throat operation of her partner, business magnate Tonyboy Cojuangco, was a success.

Businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco is safe and out of danger, according to his partner Gretchen Barretto through a text message she relayed to People's Tonight columnist Nel Alejandrino.

"80 to 90% of the papilloma removed. Tony's airway is clear. He will need surgery in four weeks. All is well with Tony. Ur prayers warm our hearts. Will be flying home to Manila in due time," were Gretchen's exact words.

As earlier reported, Gretchen flew to the United States to accompany Tonyboy who was scheduled to undergo a throat operation to remove a tumor in an undisclosed hospital in Boston. Their daughter Dominique is also with them.

According to medical definition, a tumor is an abnormal growth or mass of tissue which, if not removed, can lead to serious health perils like cancer. In Tonyboy's case, the tumor was located inside his throat, blocking his airway and voice box. This condition requires immediate medical operation to normalize breathing.


While Tonyboy has been declared safe and is showing great signs of recovery, Gretchen still asks for prayers from close family and friends.

At first, many thought that Gretchen's decision to fly to the States was triggered by the "kisscandal" that involved her and actor John Estrada. While the controversy was partly why the lovely actress sought solace abroad, close friends of Gretchen argue that her concern above all else was Tonyboy's health condition and safety.

"She wanted to be with Tonyboy, just as he stood beside her when she was troubled, brought [about] by the recent controversy," said one source close to the couple.


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