Sheryn Regis: From the U.K. to Kuwait!


Sheryn Regis poses near the park of London's Buckingham Palace, stately home of Queen Elizabeth II and her royal family.

It was work and leisure at the same time for Sheryn Regis when she visited Europe and West Asia last June for her series of concerts that were sponsored by TFC (The Filipino Channel).

Aside from entertaining the Kapamilyas abroad, the Crystal Voice of Asia made sure that she would have some time for sightseeing and, of course, shopping! Her concert tour covered Kuwait, Oman, and London—where she also had the chance to see the We Will Rock You musical in London.

"I'm so thankful... kasi sa dami-rami ng artista, ako pa ang kinuha," said Sheryn the day before she left for her concert in Jordan.

Here's proof of how much Sheryn enjoyed her concert tour.


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