Nida Blanca's widower Rod Strunk found dead last July 11


Rod Strunk, 68, the husband of murdered actress Nida Blanca, apparently committed suicide, according to the police in Tracy California, USA. Strunk was the prime suspect in the murder of popular veteran actress Nida Blanca in 2001.

Rod Strunk, American husband of the late actress Nida Blanca was found dead by suicide, according to the Tracy Press in Tracy California, USA.

The Tracy Police Department identified and ascertained that Roger "Rod" Lauren Strunk, 68, had leaped to his death from the balcony of the Tracy Inn, where he was staying, and was found dead by a woman at the parking lot at 11:36 am (US time).

The woman narrated that she saw Strunk's bleeding body at the Tracy Inn parking lot and went out to check his pulse and breathing, which both turned up to be negative. She then alerted the local authorities who later on revealed, through police Sgt. Steve Beukelman, that although there was no actual witness, they found some evidence indicating Strunk's case as suicide.

Strunk was the prime suspect in the brutal slaying of his wife, veteran actress Nida Blanca on November 7, 2001. Nida's blood-drenched body was found slumped inside her Nissan Sentra car at the parking lot of the Atlanta Center in Greenhills, San Juan.


Investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) pointed to Rod Strunk as the primary suspect, purportedly because of money and property issues.

Alleged killer Philip Medel positively identified Strunk as the one who hired him to murder Nida, but later on retracted his statement, which enabled Strunk to evade extradition to the Philippines to face the charges filed by the prosecutors.

Strunk flew to the United States in 2003 citing the need to take care of his ailing mother.

Details of Strunk's death are found in the Tracy Press website.


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