Imelda Marcos on grandson Borgy Manotoc: "He has to learn how to handle fame."


"He has to learn how to handle fame," says former First Lady Imelda Marcos about her grandson, Borgy Manotoc.

Imelda Marcos defended her first grandson Borgy Manotoc, son of former Ilocos Norte Representative Imee Marcos and businessman Tommy Manotoc, amidst all the controversies he got himself into.

During her visit at the Philippine General Hospital yesterday, July 17, GMA News asked the former First Lady to describe Borgy.

"He's a terrific nice boy, good boy in general. And sometimes, now that he's growing up... He's nice looking also and all of that," answered Imelda.

Imelda also defended Borgy about his frequent bar fights. She explained, "When he becomes a little protective with his girlfriend or somebody he likes, and some people would insult them and all of that... lalaki 'yan, e."

Meanwhile, Imelda admitted that Borgy still has to learn how to handle fame. She said, "Kapag nandidiyan ka [sa itaas], you are a news item and everybody wants to put you in the papers, whether good or bad. He has to be more sophisticated."


The model-host has been involved in a quite number of controversies with other celebrities: Vina Morales who slapped Borgy days after he said in a radio program that they had a one-night stand; Bong Alvarez whom he almost had a fight with after the former basketball player mistook Borgy's girlfriend, Ornusa Cadness, for a waitress; and the latest was a brawl between him and Carlo Brown, nephew of former social welfare secretary Mita Pardo de Tavera.


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