Borgy Manotoc’s lawyer pleads to stop sensationalizing his client’s case


Model Borgy Manotoc in a counter-affidavit denies the serious physical injuries case filed against him by another model, Carlo Brown.

Borgy Manotoc's lawyer, Atty. Fernando Martin, asked the media and the public to refrain from "sensationalizing" the serious physical injuries filed against the grandson of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

"I am asking the media not to attack my client. This case has become too sensationalized," pleaded Atty. Martin to some reporters.

In an article published today by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Atty. Martin referred mainly to the mother of Borgy's accuser, Mara Pardo de Tavera, for allegedly constantly dragging his client's family name into the case.

"First of all, the Marcoses are no longer in power. There is no need to drag the family into this," explained the lawyer.

Mrs. Tavera, on the other hand, defended her actions by saying that she was only giving an account of Manotoc's behavior towards her son, thus she saw the need to remind people of Borgy's family history as well.

Borgy was accused by fellow model, Carlo Brown, of mauling him outside the Embassy Bar in Taguig.


In a counter-affidavit submitted by Borgy to the court, he vehemently denied the accusations by naming certain individuals who could prove his innocence. The witnesses claimed that Borgy even intervened to try and stop the brawl.

But Brown in a reply relayed to the court said that he is sticking to the accusations he filed against the popular model and that the injuries he sustained speak enough of Manotoc's guilt.


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