Polo Ravales's sister apologizes to Ara Mina


Polo Ravales' sister Ashley Gruenberg (right) stressed that she has nothing against her kuya's ex-girlfriend, Ara Mina (left).

Polo Ravales' younger sister, Ashley Gruenberg, apologized to her brother's ex-girlfriend Ara Mina for allegedly offending her during a shoot visit.

According to reports, Ara felt slighted when Ashley seemed to disregard her presence during the shoot of Lupin and was heard saying, "Galingan mo, ha," while she and her friends were laughing behind Ara's back.

Ara had earlier expressed her disappointment with Polo's sister, considering that they had a close sisterly relationship during the time she was involved with Polo.

"I felt bad," Ara confessed in a separate interview about the incident involving Ashley. "Kaya ko naman mag-adjust... wala lang bastusan." She sounded hurt.

Ashley explained to Startalk's Butch Francisco that her remark, "Galingan mo, ha" was addressed to one of her friends as they were pushing each other to approach Richard Gutierrez for a souvenir photo. That's reason why they were giggling uncontrollably, and not because they wanted to spite Ara.


Polo's sister said that she has nothing against Ara. In fact, Ashley revealed that Ara was like a big sister to her when Ara was still going out with Polo. Ara often gave her advice on personal and career-related issues.

Both Ara and Polo have already reiterated that they remain good friends despite the breakup. "Nagbabatian kami. Walang dedmahan," Polo candidly replied when asked how he and Ara handle situations when they see each other in public.


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