Birthday celebration of Ruffa and Lorin


Ruffa and Lorin both celebrated their birthdays by hosting a double-party treat for family and friends! (YES! August 2004 issue)

Ruffa Gutierrez Bektas and daughter Lorin, here wearing Rajo Laurel gowns, hosted a joint birthday party on June 26—two days after Ruffa's actual birth date (June 24), 38 days before Lorin's (August 3). They had flown in from Istanbul just three days before the party.

The double treat was held at Pavilion B of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, and like all Bektas events, it was simply awesome.

An abundance of food, hundreds of balloons, a giant castle cake, a live band, a video wall showing the goings-on at Pavilion B, and even magicians!

(YES! August 2004 issue)


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