Prom night ala-Celeb


Here comes thebirthday boy! Ogie’s original plan was to have a 1980s-inspired party. “Yunkasi ang kinalakihan ko,” he said in an interview with Chika Minute. His ladylove Regine Velasquez suggested “Prom Night,”and obviously, it was the Songbird’s idea that won out.

When Ogie arrived at the Manila Polo Club, Showbiz Central h

The ladies paraded in their gownsof different styles and shapes. Guys came in suits and tuxedos of varying cutsand colors. It was a prom night, where the guests got the feel of being crownedas the Prom King and Queen.

Some came in solo, others withtheir respective dates. There were also celebs who arrived in groups. Last August 27, Manila Polo Club in Makati overflowed with over 150 guests.

"Apparently, a lot of themwere not able to attend their prom so excited sila," said Regine Velasquez whenasked about her reason for suggesting "prom night" as the theme of Ogie's 40thbirthday.

Without further ado,presenting showbiz's Prom Kings and Queens .


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