Donita Rose welcomes a new baby into her home


After their June 9, 2003, wedding in Santa Barbara, California,Donita and Eric—both still children at heart—went to Disneyland for the firstleg of their honeymoon. From there, they flew to Maui, Hawaii, to continuetheir honeymoon for another seven days.And then it was time to go back to Singapore, Donita's adoptivehomeland since 1998, when she was hired by MTV Asia as a resident video jock.In his desire to be near his then fiancee Donita, Eric had a

Our favorite doll, Donita Rose, is a mother now. The movie star andVJ, also known as Mrs. Eric Villarama, gave birth to her first baby, JoshuaPaul, nicknamed JP, on July 22, 2004.

In an e-mail to YES!, Donita reports on herlife as wife and breastfeeding mother in her new home in Singapore: "We'vejust moved in into this three-bedroom unit that is spankin' new but on the eastcoast, away from the city and I absolutely love it.

"Everything in our newapartment is brand new and it's very much Eric's and my personality combinedinto one hip pad. My old apartment was smack dab in the middle of the city.There was only one bedroom so we would never fit with a third member coming anda helper moving with us."

"As forEric, my husband... I'm sorry if I'm gonna be a bit biased but Eric is the bestdad in the whole wide world! He took paternal leave for 10 days and we've justbeen at home if we are not working or making a visit to the hospital. He hasbeen in charge of cuddling and bathing, changing, burping, and putting JP tosleep every day and I absolutely love it.

"My only job has been to feed andalthough it has been tiring for me, Eric stays by my side most of the time evenif it's 3 am and we've had no sleep. Eric was even thoughtful enough to hire amasseuse for 7 days as a treat and refuses to have me disturbed during that onehour break every evening. Eric is so sweet. I really could not ask for anythingmore."





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