Snooky files for annulment of her second marriage


Despite failing twice when it comes to married life, Snooky said that she doesn't harbor any resentment against Ricardo Cepeda and Niño Mendoza. "I just charge it to experience," Snooky reasoned out.

Actress Snooky Serna revealed to Showbiz Central that filing for an annulment was a step she had to take to straighten her tangled state—spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

"Yes, it's true I filed a civil annulment, second week of August sa Pasay. Hiwalay na kami. We've been separated for actually magpa-five months na," said Snooky, referring to second husband Niño Mendoza, in a taped interview aired yesterday, September 16.

According to the troubled actress, the ghost of her first marriage with actor Ricardo Cepeda and its eventual breakdown constantly haunts her, thus preventing her union with Niño to flourish.

Now a devote Christian, it was clear throughout the interview that Snooky gives more weight to her marriage with Ricardo because of the fact that it was a church ceremony.

"The main reason for me having my marriage annulled is because I want to try to be right with God. Na-convict ako... nakonsensiya ako that I am committing adultery. Parang namamangka ako sa dalawang [ilog]," she bravely admitted.

Snooky and Niño's love story was a textbook case of whirlwind romance. Right after the court annulled Snooky's marriage with Ricardo on February 2006; the actress shocked the public with the announcement of her civil marriage, April of the same year, with a much younger man.

SPUR OF THE MOMENT. Snooky confessed that she was not in the proper state of mind when she decided to take another crack at marriage.

"Inaamin ko na at that point in time, magulo 'yong aking pag-iisip. Ignorant as it may sound, katangahan ko man siguro, hindi ko na-realize 'yong repercussions. Hindi ko nasaliksik 'yong legalities ng mga bagay-bagay. Hindi ko nasaliksik 'yong katotohanan. I pushed through with the marriage out of my own carnal instinct," confided the actress.


That statement may well affirm Snooky's shaky mental health, something she herself openly admitted last month when she opened up about her bouts with chronic depression, also in Showbiz Central.

Snooky also brushed off the idea that she's thinking of getting into a third marriage, that's why she sought an annulment.

"Napaka-foolish!" said Snooky, aghast. "Hindi, aasikasuhin ko na lang mga anak ko. Magtatarabaho na lang ako."

DOING WHAT'S RIGHT. Niño Mendoza, for his part, thinks that parting ways with his now estranged wife is the right thing to do.

"Okay lang to go on pero kung on top nito ay wala siyang peace of mind araw-araw, hindi tama sa mata ng Diyos... so as a gentleman and to be a good Christian in the eyes of God, okay Snooky, let's do what's right. Because I want her to be happy," said Niño in a separate interview.





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