Cherie Gil: Elegance personified


Cherie reveals that she isn’t fussy when it comes to dressing up: “I can get dressed in five minutes! I just go in my usual jeans and my nice typical tank top, that’s about it. Hindi na ako masyadong maabala. And the only time it becomes an effort, in fact, where I admit I put my time and energy, is when I plan for an awards night. Because I enjoy it! I like to get dressed!” (YES! February 2006 issue)

Award-winning actress Cherie Gil always looks stunningly elegant, whether dressed in casual jeans or the latest in haute couture.

After years of being dressed up by her favorite designers—Inno Sotto, Ito Curata, Fanny Serrano, among others—this mother of three has obviously developed her own sense of style. Her fashion icon is one of Hollywood's classiest ladies, Audrey Hepburn.

"I still stay with the classic," Cherie says. "The basic of it all is classic! I've had clothes since the '90s, and I still wear them. Many of them I know will not die in terms of trend."

She knows exactly how clothes should hang on her body because she knows her strengths and weaknesses. "A woman has to understand what her weaknesses are to cover them up. The strengths, I don't give anymore much attention to. We pay more attention to the fault."

And what does she see as her weaknesses? "Ay, naku! My legs, my knees! I know my torso's longer than my body."

For the ultimate kontrabida, there are two definite must-haves when it comes to dressing up.

First, good comfortable shoes. "The worst that can happen to you is to look good and so glamorous and your feet are hurting you. You'll never emanate that glow, because something's there at the back of your mind. It's worse than a toothache."

Second, nice underwear. "Nobody can see your underwear, but you're the one who knows what kind of underwear you're wearing. If you know that your inner beauty is well in place, you can just exclude [not bother with] everything from top to bottom. It's like finding the inner beauty, basically, literally!"





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