Scene Stealers of 2007

Dec 28, 2007
Some cried, others started a fight, a few made a revelation, there's one who kept mum, the rest did something extraordinaré—they are the scene stealers of 2007. Love 'em, hate 'em, but you can't ignore what they did this year!

Publicity, good or bad, does wonders to the career of celebrities. Some stars hire a publicist to make sure people keep talking about them. Others intentionally create a scene so the press would pick it up as news.

Still others turn into controversy magnets. Whatever they do, whatever they say—people pause, listen, and make a big deal out of it.

There are those who become the talk of the town but don’t necessarily want the publicity. Circumstances force them to react unexpectedly or impulsively, unmindful of the rolling camera or tape recorder.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) brings you its list of Scene Stealers 2007—the celebs who caught our attention and had us chasing the saga of their life through TV, the Internet, and print media.


The elusive Dennis Trillo became a hot item this year.

It was February 2007 when news of Carlene Aguilar’s pregnancy first leaked to the press. On March 12, during his album launch at Virgin Café, Quezon City, Dennis evaded the issue, saying he hadn’t seen Carlene and had no idea whether she was pregnant or not.

On the last week of May, GMA-7’s Lhar Santiago confirmed that the former beauty queen was six months pregnant. Dennis remained tight-lipped. A source said, however, that Dennis denied being the dad of Carlene’s baby, "If it's true that Carlene is pregnant, the baby is not mine."

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Fast forward to September 30, eight days after Carlene gave birth to baby Calix Andreas Ho, Dennis finally came clean. He said in his interview with Showbiz Central, "Tingin ko nararapat lang din na gamitin 'yong apelyido ko dahil baby ko naman 'yon."

But that was not the only deafening issue of silence from the controversial heartthrob. Remember when Carlene Aguilar confronted Cristine Reyes during the taping of All Star K at the Broadway Centrum? That November 7 incident almost led to a legal battle, with Cristine filing a lawsuit—grave scandal and oral defamation—against the mom of Dennis’s baby.

Throughout the controversy, Dennis—as perceived by the public—kept mum. Cristine’s older sister Ara Mina goaded him to speak up. In a Showbiz Central interview, November 19, Ara addressed Dennis, "Hindi matatapos ‘to kung tatahimik lang, e. Para kasing nakikita ko, wala, hindi niya napanindigan si Cristine.”

On November 24, Dennis broke his silence: "Ngayon lang dahil siyempre, ayoko kasing masyadong palakihin. Ever since naman, ayokong masangkot sa ganitong klaseng mga controversies, intriga, ganoon. Pero yung silence ko na ‘yon... hindi ibig sabihin nun wala akong ginagawa o wala akong pakialam sa mga nangyayari sa kanila. Of course, meron akong pakialam dun dahil involved ako dun. Kahit hindi ako involved sa mismong kaso, sangkot pa din ako dun, di ba? Kinakausap ko sila pareho. Pinipilit ko silang ayusin pareho.”

10. Ogie Alcasid: THE MAN IN LOVE

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The singer-songwriter who wrote some of the most romantic contemporary Filipino love songs has proven that he is truly a hopeless romantic—even in real life. Ogie Alcasid fulfilled many a guy’s fantasy by marrying a beauty queen in 1998—former Miss Australia Michelle Van Eimeren.

But this fairy tale did not have a happy ending.

In the June 2007 issue of YES! magazine, Ogie admitted for the first time that he and Michelle had long been separated. (Michelle and their kids have been staying in Australia since 2003.)

And, yes, Ogie was/is madly, deeply, in love with SOP co-host and Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez.

“I’m in love with her…very much,” proclaimed Ogie about his inamorata.

While Ogie’s revelations were already expected, many were shocked that the diminutive fellow finally admitted it after months of speculation about the real score between him and Regine. Hearing it straight from Ogie’s lips was the climax of an epic love story.

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Yet skeptics were unforgiving. The Ogie-Regine love affair, they said, was wrong because one woman was still hurting: Michelle, who remained silent when this issue about Ogie and Regine came out.

But all that changed during Ogie’s birthday celebration in SOP last August 26. In one of the most memorable moments in TV history, Michelle agreed to talk to Regine via phone patch for all to hear. Michelle defended Regine against the nasty rumors.

"For me, kung si Regine ang mahal niya [Ogie], ako rin tanggapin niya. Parang sister ko ‘yon [Regine], so please tanggapin mo siya. Huwag mo siyang bigyan ng hard time… Kasi yung mga tao diyan [sa Pilipinas], hindi lang kasi nila alam. Kasi buhay natin ‘to, di ba?… Alam mo, Regine, habang may buhay ako, may breath ako, welcome ka dito sa buhay ko, sa family ko. Kasi ikaw ang family ko. Mahal ka namin... Si Sarah at si Leila, they love you very much din,” Michelle said.

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Michelle’s blessing for the lovebirds silenced the critics.

Will we hear wedding bells in the near future? Yes, but only after the official annulment of Ogie and Michelle’s marriage.


When Mohan Gumatay, popularly known by his radio moniker Mo Twister, returned to the airwaves in late 2005, few were prepared for what was in store on Philippine FM radio.

Coming on board via his morning show, aptly titled Good Times with Mo, the articulate radio jock bullied his way through the competition and gave local radio a shot in the arm. With the show’s content and shock value, Mo Twister frequently challenged conservative Filipino listeners. The La Salle-educated DJ was paired with the equally funny, Mojo Jojo and the pretty Andi Manzano [Andi-9], but Mo clearly was, and remains, King of the show.

Opinionated, blunt, irreverent, and sarcastically funny—DJ Mo went into high gear with “Forbidden Questions,” which airs every Wednesday. This program’s concept is simple—First, invite a celebrity as guest; that’s easy enough. And then, throw as many as 40 questions, ranging from the guest’s personal opinions to intimate details about his/her private life. “Forbidden Questions” cleverly tickles listeners’ insatiable appetite for rumor and controversy.

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Almost overnight, DJ Mo’s program gained enormous following—inevitably with a drawback. Due to the sensitivity of the “Forbidden Questions,” most of the time requiring a guest to drop names, Mo earned a lot of criticism and enmity within and outside showbiz circles.

This year alone, Mo had his hands full dealing with the backlash. One, his habit of asking a guest about whom he/she thinks is gay thrust the names of Erik Santos, Sam Milby, Uma Khouny, Paolo Ballesteros, and Piolo Pascual into public scrutiny.

Two, eventologist Tim Yap named Snooky Serna as the most “plastic” celebrity he ever met, and Alicia Mayer as a cause of severe headache for insisting to be admitted in the posh Embassy bar, which Yap co-owned.

Three, sexy star Katya Santos admitted that she had a sex video, taken with the mobile phone of her non-showbiz boyfriend, during a holiday in Boracay. She also labeled Mark Herras and Iwa Moto “ham” actors.

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Four, Borgy Manotoc got into trouble with Vina Morales after he mentioned that she had slept with him during a one-night stand. Vina, aghast and fuming, confronted Borgy who defended himself by saying it was just a joke blown out of proportion. Borgy got a slap from the singer-actress.

Vina then vented her anger on Mo, blaming him for asking “negative questions” that tempt celebrities to spill intimate details, and worst, come up with lies just to answer some of his questions.

Five, Mo’s acerbic disposition made an enemy out of sexy actress and former radio partner, Maui Taylor. The latter protested that Mo constantly embarrassed her on air, prompting the ex-Viva Hotbabe to resign from the radio program on May 30.

Six, Mo caught the ire of showbiz columnists Lolit Solis and Cristy Fermin, tagging along Jobert Sucaldito. Eventually, though, the radio jock and Lolit got on good terms after she agreed to guest in his program.

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In Mo’s opinion, why the antipathy of TV host Cristy Fermin towards him? Mo simply shrugged during an interview with writer Rome Jorge, “Maybe because I ask questions that she can’t ask in her show. I think there’s an element of jealousy on her part.”

With full bravado, the Philippine version of a shock jock added derisively, “The reason why people listen to me is because I’m asking the questions you cowardly cannot do.”

DJ Mo whipped up a lot of “twisters” during the first quarter of the year, sweeping celebrity guests and radio listeners alike off their comfort zone.


Manny Pacquiao stole the boxing scene from Vegas to the Philippines by beating his opponents in quick succession. The Public Enemy Number One of Mexico bathed himself in the limelight and lived up to his nickname “Pacman” by munching on success after success.

And then the People’s Champion took up challenges for which he was willing to get beaten black and blue, and still smile—politics and show business.

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Heeding the advice of some politicians, he made a bid for congressman of General Santos City in the May elections. He lost to Representative Darlene Custodio. The election might have knocked out Manny’s dream to become a public servant, but there was the lure of showbiz.

On September 9, Manny became a certified Kapuso star. He also announced that he was going to produce and act in a movie with Ara Mina.

Working on a project with the sexy actress got him into his first bout with showbiz rumor—an affair with Ara Mina, people said. The hush-hush became persistent for nearly two months until Manny’s wife Jinky came to his defense: "Wala naman 'yon talaga. Alam ko na trabaho ang ginagawa nina Manny at Ara. Hindi ako dapat magselos.”

Last October 7, Pacman had another shuddering fight against Mexico’s Marco Antonio Barrera. Again, the whole country witnessed his sweet victory.

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His grand homecoming, however, was greeted with criticism as well.

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez lambasted Manny in her radio show. She said he had asked ABS-CBN management to fire her for releasing survey results in the May 2007 elections, showing that rival candidate Darlene Custodio was in the lead.

Cristy Fermin and ally Jobert Sucaldito followed suit. Both attacked Pambansang Kamao in their radio show and tabloid columns for reportedly snubbing the welcome parade prepared by the City of Manila. (Manny is a known supporter of former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza).

But the fire died down. Manny had a talk with them last November 23 at Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City.

As his film Anak ng Kumander neared its premiere, a new issue arose. This time it was his “torrid” kissing scene with the film’s other leading lady. Valerie Concepcion said she didn’t know before the shooting that she had to do the scene but she did it anyway. The story found its way to the showbiz press via Valerie’s post-shooting protest against the damage to her wholesome image. Whether the kissing was torrid or horrid, the public will never know. The movie’s director himself cut it out in the final edit.

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From boxer shorts to pulitiko’s barong tagalog to Kumander’s fatigues, with his eye fixed on another ring challenge—what scene will Pacman steal next?


Publicity-shy Pops Fernandez had been keeping quiet for nearly a decade about the collapse of her marriage to husband and long-time concert partner, Martin Nievera. That was until the “monkey” story about her two boys reached her last June.

As a mom, she was hurt. Martin’s apparent lack of concern in addressing the issue triggered her to grant YES! magazine a tell-all interview about the cause of their split nine years ago. It was this year’s most startling revelation. She gave a lengthy account of how she discovered Martin’s infidelity, how she coped, how she fought hard to keep the family intact, and how she moved on.

For once, the spotlight was on Pops, not on her estranged husband.

A storm of harsh words and brickbats between the former couple soon followed. The feud would dissipate whenever Martin left for the U.S. to be with his partner, Katrina Ojeda, or when Pops would be busy with her shows and concerts. The Concert Queen’s statements dashed any hopes for a revival of the Martin-Pops concert tandem.

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For one who describes herself as “introverted and private about her personal life,” Pops certainly dropped a bomb. She celebrated her 25th year in showbiz last December 8, and an exuberant, colorful Pops sang and danced for her concert audience like never before. Speaking out did her a lot of good.


Lolit has this unstoppable habit of diving right into the middle of controversy instead of getting away from it. Through the years, Manay Lolit has embroiled herself in practically every major showbiz issue, turning her into a household name.

The tabloid columnist and co-host of Startalk is a natural when it comes to surprising the public with her revelations about showbiz personalities. She pounces when we least expect it, transforming an otherwise simple issue into a “telenovela.” By that we mean all the drama, sarcasm, and the endless “He said-She said” tirades that keep her readers and listeners transfixed, as if watching a tennis tourney.

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Now that’s the way to steal the scene.

Remember the tiff between Gretchen Barretto and Lani Mercado early this year?

It all started with a Christmas wish from Lani to Gretchen. Lani said, “I know in her heart what she wants is a marriage...I want her to have a marriage with Tonyboy.”

Gretchen took offense and retorted, “A wedding and marriage are two different things. What I have with Tony is a marriage. A marriage is a commitment between two people. What Lani has with Bong is a wedding. Bong's infidelity is not something beautiful. Lani said she has six beautiful children with Bong. She shouldn't forget that Bong has seven beautiful children.”

Boom! Manay Lolit, Lani’s talent manager, jumped into the fray. In a StarTalk interview (January 20) with Lolit, she gave a pinch of sarcasm to Gretchen:

"Hangang-hanga ako sa ethics niya [Lani]. Politically correct siya. Hindi siya nagsasalita. ‘Tsaka kahit ano'ng sabihin mo, siya ang tunay na asawa, siya ang pinakasalan. Kaya ‘yong sinabi ni Gretchen na wedding at saka marriage, a different thing—it's the same thing, na parehong hindi matitikman ni Gretchen for the rest of her life."

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Tony Boy Cojuangco, Gretchen’s partner of 14 years, had to intervene. On January 24, the host and the business tycoon reached a compromise: Lolit would stop if Tony could make Gretchen stop. The issue was resolved!

Six months after her word war with Gretchen, Lolit targeted Angel Locsin.

On July 27, Lolit announced a couple of juicy scoops on Ogie Diaz’s radio program Wow, Ang Showbiz on DZXL. Lolit claimed that, although the reports were still unconfirmed, Angel allegedly aborted her pregnancy by Miko Sotto.

Lolit also claimed that Angel’s mom was a former house help whom Mr. Angel Colmenares (Angel’s dad) allegedly got pregnant.

As if all warmed up, Lolit then proceeded to share a juicy item about Angel doing a sex video with a Japanese guy.

Lastly, Angel didn’t really go to London but was in fact hiding in Los Angeles, Lolit said.

Angel’s manager Becky Aguila had only two words for Lolit: “Not true.”

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But the hottest controversy Manay Lolit figured in was when shewrote in her Pilipino Star Ngayon column, October 15, that she stumbled on Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby whispering intimately by the poolside café of Sofitel Hotel in Manila.

Sam and Piolo both demanded an apology and retraction from Lolit, who replied that she was standing firm on what she saw. Although she made an apology she refused to retract.

On November 16, they formally filed a libel case against Lolit. The case is still ongoing.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In other words, stick to the status quo. In the controversy surrounding Angel Locsin's transfer from GMA-7 to rival network ABS-CBN, the saying didn’t ring true for her.

Angel used to be just one of the many teen stars of the youth-oriented show Click. Among her showbiz peers was Richard Gutierrez, who was cast as Angel's twin in the Kapuso show. Other mainstream projects followed, starting with the fantaserye Mulawin. She bagged the role of Alwina, the love interest of Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez), after Maxene Magalona turned down the role in the fantaserye involving half-humans and half-avians.

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The rising Kapuso star flew higher as the heroine in the TV fanatasy series Darna. She also kicked ass in the magical world of Majika and the adventure TV series Asian Treasures, both successful primetime shows of GMA-7. She became the steady onscreen partner of Richard Gutierrez in the romantic movies Let the Love Begin (2005), I Will Always Love You(2006), and The Promise (2007).

After a string of successful TV projects, Angel was poised for even greater heights as she was supposed to lead the local remake of Marimar. But she chose to turn her career path towards long-term goals. Her decision, however, left a trail of damaged relationships, lost opportunities, and bitter disputes.

On July 22, 2007, Becky Aguila announced that her ward was 80 percent sure that she would transfer to the Kapamilya Network. People could not believe that the Kapuso Network's most prized talent would cross over to a rival network without a compelling reason. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

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"Burned out si Angel at pagod na pagod na," Becky said. The issue of Angel's lower talent fee compared to Richard’s was also cited as a reason for the transfer. Reports said that ABS-CBN tripled Angel's talent fee. During the first week of July, Angel left the country to take up a crash course in fashion design at the London College of Fashion in preparation for the release of her own sportswear line.

By the time she came back, she had made up her mind to call ABS-CBN her new home. On August 11, Becky Aguila, ABS-CBN Vice President for Entertainment Charo Santos-Concio, and Angel Locsin signed two contracts, one for TV and the other for Star Cinema.

GMA-7 executives expressed disappointment with the star they had groomed and for whom they invested heavily for the six past years. Wilma Galvante, GMA-7’s Senior Vice President for television entertainment, pointed out that Angel and her manager failed to act in good faith when they discussed pertinent contractual issues and career plans.

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Angel's fans were happy for their idol's decision to transfer. Kapuso fans, on the other hand, called her "dark angel," "ingrata," "walang utang na loob," and "traydor."

Angel's transfer was a major scene stealer in 2007, not really a big deal since a lot of stars have done this in the past. It was the way Angel and her manager Becky Aguila went about it that became a sore issue. In several instances, they both declared they would be loyal to GMA-7, that she would not transfer to the rival station.

But a top-level official of the network revealed: "Angel told management that she could not sign the new contract with GMA because she did not know when she would be back from a projected London trip, and that it would be unfair to GMA to make them wait indefinitely. Management was shocked to find out that even as they were sitting at the negotiation table, their prize star was already committing to ABS-CBN."

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Now that Angel has indeed become a Kapamilya star, her first project is a fantasy-drama with Piolo Pascual titled Lobo, which will air during the first quarter of 2008.

Will Angel as the White Wolf “steal the scene” in another sense, like ratings?


She’s not a celebrity, but her revelation last February had the entire nation reeling in shock. Hope Centeno’s vivid details of her alleged 10-month “sexual” affair with basketball cager James Yap, from March 2006 to January 2007, in one of the cubicles of Belo Medical Clinic was this year’s top story.

That the guy she had an “affair” with is the husband of showbiz newsmaker and very preggy (at that time) Kris Aquino got the showbiz fans hooked on the issue. And for the first time, it was not the usually candid TV host-actress who stirred a hornet’s nest.

Hope’s coming out had some people calling her “home wrecker.” Her former friends and colleagues said she was an “ilusyonada.”

Her plea to the public during her interview with Startalk last February 24: "Sa mga sumusubaybay po kay Ms. Kris Aquino at kay James Yap, sana po ‘wag n'yo akong husgahan. ‘Wag kayong magalit sa akin kasi tao lang po ako. Babae lang din ako na na-in-love."

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The Centeno bomb also strained the friendship of Dr. Vicki Belo and Kris, who dumped her endorsement of Belo’s clinic and became the face of Facial Care Center, a competitor of Belo Medical Group.

Hope has long faded on the horizon. But from time to time, people ask, “Where is Hope Centeno now?”

Hopefully, she has moved on, just like Kris and James and Dr. Belo.


This lady did not do anything controversial. She just accepted the role of Marimar on television, did a good job, and in barely four months, became a phenomenon.

The forecast issued by GMA-7’s CEO and President, Atty. Felipe Gozon, last August that Marian Rivera will be the next big star has come true.

And critics deemed her rise to stardom as a good strategic move for GMA-7. Kapuso fans did not suffer the loss of Angel Locsin, GMA-7’s former primetime TV princess.

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At the heel of Marimar’s success are offers to endorse products. She is presently visible on the commercials of PLDT, Del Monte Fit N Right, and Maxi-Peel.

The 23-year-old actress also hit the silver screen. This December, she is part of two movie entries in the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival—Bahay Kubo and Desperadas.

For the coming New Year, Marian is already set to do a Valentine movie with one of the most prized talents of GMA, Richard Gutierrez. And according to sources, Marian will play either Dyesebel in the TV adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel or Darna in GMA’s next fantaserye tentatively titled Captain Barbell Meets Darna.


Yilmaz Bektas, the man thought to be elusive suddenly became a major scene-stealer and attracted the attention of people in and out of showbiz with his clipped English and brutal words.

The Turkish multi-millionaire met Ruffa Gutierrez in France last 2000. They married, had kids, and lived—unfortunately, not happily ever after. Last May 8, the couple decided to end their four-year marriage citing “cultural differences” as the cause of separation.

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This started a string of quotable statements from Yilmaz and Ruffa, with the Gutierrez matriarch Annabelle Rama stealing the thunder from time to time.

On May 13, Yilmaz countered his wife’s statement with his own: “Ruffa consciously and willingly laid the ground for the beginning of this decline with the support of her family and without feeling the need of soul-searching. However, my innocent daughters aged two and three are under a heavy burden due to meaningless decisions taken in eagerness for fame without soul-searching and in my opinion this is not fair.”

In other words, he blamed Ruffa’s professional career and extended stay in the Philippines for the separation.

Yilmaz further argued that Ruffa’s statement was strange because “Love and truth do not have one religion, language and culture.”

Not quite done, Yilmaz added that a “materialistic relative” was another reason the marriage fell apart. Although he didn’t say her name, it was clear that he meant his mother-in-law Annabelle Rama.

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On mother’s day, May 13, Annabelle responded to Yilmaz’s statement through Showbiz Central.

“Obvious naman, Pia [Guanio], ako na ‘yong pinatatamaan doon,” said Annabelle. "Hindi naman sa mukha akong pera. Siyempre, wala namang nanay na nangarap na ang anak nila makapangasawa ng lalakeng walang trabaho, mga patay-gutom, PG, di ba? Lahat ng nanay, Pia, gusto natin ang ating mga anak na makapangasawa ng maganda ang buhay iyong lalake. At saka iyong lahat ng luho ni Ruffa, mabibigay man lang sa kanya.”

In an interview with The Buzz on May 16, Ruffa finally revealed her true reason for leaving Yilmaz: she was a battered wife.

“Si Yilmaz naman puro panakot lang iyan, e. Araw-araw tine-threaten niya ako, araw-araw nananakot siya. But, you know, everything that has to...regarding the custody of my kids, my lawyers will take care of that.”

In retaliation, Yilmaz said to PEP last June 1, “She's [Ruffa] playing with me like [a] child then after that I'm [learn] from my friends... Asking me when Ruffa will gonna come to Barcelona and I [said] after two weeks and the same guy [calls] me saying that your wife doesn't love you anymore and she wanna divorce with you.”

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The Turkish businessman added, “And after that I think [her] name have to be traitor and I'm calling her name now Brutus.”

The following Sunday, Annabelle revealed in an interview with Ruffa on The Buzz, that her daughter seemed to have moved on and that she was happy.

To Yilmaz, Annabelle said, “Yilmaz, if you're watching me now, leave Ruffa alone. Be happy. Move on. That's it. If you plan to see your daughters, come to the Philippines. You're welcome [to] talk to them, but not Ruffa.”

On August 14, a calmer Yilmaz faced PEP. Commenting on Ruffa’s statement “he has to change,” Yilmaz joked, “I am now talking to three plastic surgeons and I might color my hair blonde.”

As for his children, he will do everything for them. "If my children will say ‘Bubba, we wanna see you again' then I will come. If I can't find a flight then I will swim."

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But the issue did not progress after his surprise visit four months ago.


Whatever she does or says, people talk. Why?

Is it because of her candor?

She would flaunt her love for expensive imported brands. “But can you fault me for it?” she asked during her interview with YES! in its January 2007 issue. “They’re my things. I mean, hey, look, I like beautiful things. But as long as I don’t get them in an illegal way, there’s nothing wrong with that.

“It’s not a crime to want or to like beautiful things, to like expensive things, as long as it really is kaya ng budget mo. Walang naapakan. Wala kang ninanakaw. That’s fine. The minute you do it in such a way na alam mong you hurt anybody, then that’s a sin.”

Is it because of her honesty?

She admitted her affair with Bong Revilla way back in 1992. And just this year, she told the public that Bong has a seventh son outside of his marriage.

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In an interview with PEP last January 20, she said: "Two years ago, nag-apologize ako kay Lani. Lani said she accepts it. After it, narinig nyo yung gagawa kami ng pelikula ni Bong. Nag-text brigade si Lani kung mapagkakatiwalaan ba ako sa asawa niya. Hinayaan ko yun, nilunok ko yun. Yun ang consequence ng aking kasalanan noong araw.”

She added, “Lani says 'I have six beautiful children with Bong'. This is the first time I'm going to say this... If Lani has six beautiful children with Bong, I hope that she hasn't forgotten that Bong has seven beautiful children."

Is it because she’s controversial?

At the height of the Ruffa-Yilmaz split, Gretchen snatched the attention from her friend—the “kisscandal”photos with John Estrada were leaked to the press. She kept her silence for a few days, then issued a candid statement:

"Like I said, nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng umuunawa sa akin. May mga ibang tao kasi na nagagalit sa akin pag naughty ako. Pero this is me, love me! Even when I'm good and I'm bad, you have to love me! Hahaha! Di ba, ganun ‘yon pag mahal mo ang isang tao? Dapat lahat, ang kabuuan ng person, you have to take. Kasi, hindi naman perfect ang kahit na sino," katwiran niya.

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For someone who doesn’t have a TV show or a movie, she attracts publicity. Watchers are content to know what she’s wearing or what she’s up to. La Greta just has to think aloud to steal the scene.


Young star Camille Prats who announced she was a mom-to-be.

Snooky Serna admitting her hard-up times, plus revealing she was raped at the age of 16.

Katrina Halili, Cristine Reyes, and Ehra Madrigal, who became the subject of men’s fantasies. The three also became very visible on television this year.

Another lady who created quite a stir was Yuri Park who, straight from Korea, announced her marriage to Mark Lapid.

Pinoy Big Brother housemate and star of the defunct series Margarita, Wendy Valdez, who became a hot topic in Internet forums for several months. She gained notoriety for starting a row with her co-housemates and even with PBB alumnus Uma Khouny.

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Next year-end, either we’ll have the same list of Scene Stealers, or there may be a different set of celebrities. Let’s hope for overwhelming good news. Controversial personalities ignite colorful fireworks on the entertainment scene, but positive stories—say, “all’s well that ends well” or “a star is born”—strike the balance in the topsy-turvy world of showbiz.

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