Yasmien Kurdi opens her heart about Jennylyn’s pregnancy


Since confirming the reports that StartStruck batchmate, Jennylyn Mercado (inset) is indeed two months pregnant, Yasmien Kurdi admitted that she's just waiting for the right time to communicate and if ever, console, her good friend. "Medyo mainit pa talaga yong situwasyon... so, hindi ko muna siya iti-text ngayon," confided Yasmien.

Just like everyone else, young actress Yasmien Kurdi was shell-shocked the moment she learned about StarStruck batchmate Jennylyn Mercado's pregnancy.

At first, she refused to believe the news when it was first relayed to her by her friends in the entertainment press. But the overflowing messages she received in her mobile phone last Thursday, January 3, convinced her that there was indeed a problem concerning her good friend.

"I think Jen and Patrick now need our support, everybody's support," said Yasmien to the press last Saturday, January 5, upon her arrival at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City for the awarding ceremony of the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival. Yasmien is part of the cast of Regal Entertainment's entry, Bahay Kubo.

A QUESTION OF TIMING. Yasmien admitted that she was surprised when Patrick and Jen quickly confirmed the reports to the media—right on the same day the couple found out about Jen's delicate condition.

"It's not easy na aminin ng ganun-ganun lang. Sabi ko nga, bakit ngayon nila kailangang sabihin? I think it's not the right time or something," the young actress initially thought.

Yasmien's reservation, however, changed after much reflection. She realized that hiding the truth might only aggravate the entire issue in the long run.

"Pero kasi they have this show [the yet to be launched GMA-7 Sine Novela Maging Akin Ka Lamang], di ba?—mas lalala ‘yong situwasyon. Saludo ako sa kanila na 'yong tapang nila and 'yong guts nila para aminin and harapin 'yong problema nila."


As soon the news leaked out that Jen was already two months pregnant, GMA management decided to pull out both Patrick and Jen from the drama series.

"It was confirmed to GMA that she's pregnant and we stand by her," issued Jenny Donato, in behalf of GMA Artist Center, in a statement forwarded to PEP [Philippine Entertainment Portal] last January 3.

"Right now, tatanggalin muna siya sa mga shows para din sa health niya. When she's ready and in the right condition to work, we're willing to support her and give her another show."

UNDERSTANDING JEN. Now that everything is out in the open, Yasmien rationalized that the only concern the young couple must face is the baby's health and welfare.

"I think it's not a problem anymore. Tingnan na lang nilang blessing 'yong baby at sana alagaan na lang nila 'yong baby," the actress, who is a vegetarian, advised.

Since learning about Jen's condition, Yasmien confided that she is yet to communicate with her beleaguered colleague.

"Not yet," confessed Yasmien. "Medyo mainit pa talaga 'yong situwasyon. Kung ako'ng nasa situwasyon niya 'tapos iti-text ako, hindi ko muna masasagot talaga. So, hindi ko muna siya iti-text ngayon."





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