Martin Nievera willing to sing at Pops-Jomari wedding if invited


"If Pops is happy with Jomari and they will get married, why not?" says Martin Nievera about the possibility of his ex-wife Pops Fernandez marrying actor Jomari Yllana.

Nakapanayam ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang Concert King na si Martin Nievera upang kunin ang reaksiyon niya sa mga pahayag ni Jomari Yllana sa pagkikita at pag-uusap nila ng ex-wife niyang si Pops Fernandez bago niya kantahin ang theme song ng Lobo sa presscon ng bagong teleserye ng ABS-CBN.

"One thing I like about Jomari in all of his answers to the press is he always wants us to be better, which I think is one of the reasons why I like him for Pops. Maybe kasi he has kids ‘no, or a kid, right? Maybe it's because he's a father that he sees that it's important that parents get along. I'm sure he gets along with Aiko [Melendez, Jomari's ex-wife]. So he would like the same thing for Pops and I. And remember, Jomari didn't take Pops from me.

"So, there's no animosity, wala kaming galit sa isa't isa. I think ako wala, ha. Obviously, wala rin siyang galit sa akin because I didn't take something from him and he didn't take anything from me," pahayag ni Martin.

Sa palagay ba niya may karapatan si Jomari na magsalita tungkol sa pagkikita nila ni Pops?

Ayon kay Martin, "Siyempre, e, siya ang partner ni Pops ngayon and they're going to ask him how he feels about it, ‘no? You're right though that the partner should not say anything, but the fact that he's saying nice things as opposed to bad things, I'd rather him say nice things than not saying anything at all."


Nagseselos ba siya kay Jomari?

"Today, I have an announcement to longer. It doesn't make me jealous anymore. It used to make me jealous if Pops is with any guy, but I think after we've been through all of these whole sha-bangs... It's good to announce to the world that I'm no longer jealous," lahad ni Martin.

Ayon pa kay Jomari, malabung-malabo na raw na magkabalikan sina Pops at Martin. Ano ang reaksiyon dito ni Martin?

"No, I have a very strong feeling na hindi mangvayari yun," pagsang-ayon niya. "I think after our meeting, I know now it's no longer love. It's about the children and the future. It's like a business thing, you know, there's a contract being signed. It's something I would not wish upon anybody, but Pops is very concerned about the future of her children and rightfully so, she should be.

"E, alam niya na may ano ako sa Las Vegas, alam niya na may mga bad ako sa trabaho ko ngayon, or a few months ago. Ngayon, medyo okay na because I'm back in the Philippines. So, she's just being careful and being ah... Nagsisigurado lang para sa future ng mga anak namin."

THE MEETING. Nagbigay rin si Martin ng ibang detalye sa pagkikita nila ni Pops sa isang restaurant sa Makati noong January 17.

"Well, we talked mostly about the children [Robin and Ram]—their future, their education, their bills. Very civil. Tama ‘yon. Very calm and walang name calling or anything like that. We don't call each other anything. Okay, let's talk, ganun. But I guess I am Martin or Mart, she'll always be Pipay," kuwento niya.


Ilang oras tumagal ang pag-uusap nila?

"A couple of...two hours lang. I forgot the name of the restaurant. She just said that her uncle is in town from Australia, yung brother ni Dulce Lukban who I love very much. So she said, ‘Why don't you come to the house and say hello?' So I went to her house right after the meeting. It's very near her house and I said hello to Dulce and her Bible study class, as well as Tito Lito and his family who came from Australia. They're very shocked to see me in their house. Pops gave me a tour of the newly-renovated house of Dulce."

Kung si Aiko ay boto kay Pops para sa ex-husband niya, pabor din ba siya kay Jomari para sa kanyang ex-wife?

"Yes, I like anybody who Pops likes," sagot ni Martin. "Whoever's making her smile and as long as she's happy."

Okay ba sa kanya na magpakasal si Pops kay Jomari?

"Sure! I'll probably sing in the wedding. Though I won't be invited, but that's how happy I would be. If Pops is happy with Jomari and they will get married, why not?" sambit ng Concert King.

Ipinarating din namin kay Martin ang sinabi ni Jomari na hindi siya makakapanood ng concert ni Martin sa Araneta Coliseum.

"Why can't he go?" tanong ni Martin. "I don't know if he'd really want to go to my show but he used to when he's a young boy. We used to play in the same basketball team sa Star Olympics before. He was a little kid before with Anjo [Yllana, Jomari's elder brother]."


Wala naman daw problema kay Martin kung hindi makakapanood si Jomari sa concert niya.

"I mean, we are all very busy people and we are all from the same business, so I totally understand kung hindi darating—yung mga katulad nina Jomari or si Pops or anyone from showbiz. But everyone from show business is invited. They're more than welcome to come. So if Jomari wants to come, just let me know. He knows my number. I texted him a couple of times before."

Willing ba siya na makasama sa dinner sina Pops, Jomari, at Aiko?

"Sure. Wow! What a kinky couple, kinky foursome. You'd love that, wouldn't you?" halakhak niya.

Pero sabi ni Jomari, mukhang mahirap daw mangyari ‘yon dahil sa kanila ni Pops.

"Well, for one, it's gonna be a crazy combination. Why would the four of us be together? And there's of course if I'm seeing Aiko, if I was seeing Aiko, then maybe it would be okay," pag-aanalisa niya.

Hindi rin makakapanood ng concert ni Martin ang live-in partner niya na si Katrina Ojeda dahil nasa Las Vegas ngayon ang kanyang mag-ina. Pero may mangyayari kayang kasalan sa kanila ni Katrina?

"No, we're not talking about marriage right now," diretsong sagot ni Martin.





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