Nadine Samonte and Oyo Sotto air sides on their past relationship


Nadine Samonte's ex-boyfriend Oyo Sotto insists that he harbors no ill feelings towards the pretty young actress. "Babatiin ko," says Oyo on the prospect of bumping into Nadine in the near future. "Magkaibigan naman kami," assured the son of Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie.

A couple of years after their short-lived romance crumbled, Nadine Samonte and Oyo Sotto are now digging up their past and why they had to go their separate ways.

Speaking to Showbiz Central last week, January 20, Nadine openly talked about her relationship with Oyo, which was almost forgotten by the public owing to the passing of time and the number of women linked to Oyo since then.

"Siguro may mga... ang hirap... ang hirap i-explain," struggled Nadine when asked for the real reason she and Oyo broke up.

When the angle of a third party was brought up, Nadine said, "Siguro may third party din na hindi ko alam."

Despite groping to reveal the catalyst that led to the breakup, Nadine managed to drop a bombshell.

"May times kasi na ang isang lalaki nangangailangan, di ba?" confided the sweet-looking young actress, implying her former boyfriend's sexual needs that she could not grant.

When it comes to the breakup itself, Nadine confessed that she was the one who first indicated her desire to split, but Oyo convinced her to reconsider only to turn the tide in his favor the following day.

Gathering her thoughts, she remembered, "Actually, una akong nakipag-break sa kanya. Pero ayaw niya kasi kinabukasan siya ang makikipag-break sa akin!" laughed Nadine.

OYO'S REACTION. Cornered by Showbiz Central at the backstage of Eat Bulaga! Oyo scoffed at Nadine's third-party theory.

"Wala namang third party," defended Oyo in a taped interview aired yesterday, January 28, "kasi naging kami na nun ni Angel [Locsin] after a year."


Both Oyo and Nadine were very young during their relationship. Oyo was honest enough to admit that most of his thoughts and decisions then had all the hallmarks of immaturity.

"Kahit naman ngayon, kahit sabihin mong 24 na ako, kahit paano nagiging isip-bata ka pa rin minsan," admitted Oyo.

If there's any resentment on Nadine's part, Oyo rationalized that lack of proper communication might have cultivated that feeling.

"Para sa akin, may mga bagay lang na hindi talaga napagkaintindihan. Hindi lang napag-usapan nang matino kaya siguro parang tingin niya [Nadine], siguro hindi maganda 'yong closure," explained Oyo, who is currently linked to Enteng Kabisote co-star Kristine Hermosa.

"Sa akin, wala namang sama ng loob or anything kasi nagkaroon pa ng mga tsismis na parang galit daw siya sa akin. Hindi naman ako naniniwala doon na-misinterpret lang siguro ng mga tao," Oyo added.





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