Alex de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez: Nobody slapped anybody


This was the very moment Alex de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez were having a personal chat, which led to rumors of a slapping incident.

Last January 24 to 27, Alessandra "Alex" de Rossi and JeremyMarquez participated in the yearly Nivea celebrity challenge at the Pearl FarmBeach Resort, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte.

What would have simply been "Refreshingly Fun Under theSun"—as the event was called—for the ex-sweethearts took a bad turn. Well, atleast it did in the showbiz grapevine.

Word got back to Manila that Alex, supposedly upset withJeremy, slapped him twice in the face on the second day. The two werereportedly seen arguing over something nobody quite understood, when Alexsupposedly gave Jeremy the two-slap combo.

Unfortunately, the scene was caught on tape, much to thechagrin of both Alex and Jeremy. Onlookers read the "slapping" incident as alovers' quarrel.

What really happened?

Fact: Nobody slapped anybody—if by slapping is meantAlex hit Jeremy on the face in anger.

Fact: Alex did hit Jeremy on the face twice—but only becauseshe was demonstrating something quite innocent to him.

Fact: Jeremy's camp itself will confirm that Alex did notslap Jeremy.

Let's piece the events together.

DAY ONE. Even atthe airport in the Manila, it already looked like the former lovers weren'ttalking to each other. The two first got close at a Nivea event held in Boholin 2006, and were now going to another Nivea event, this time in Davao.

Their not talking at the airport might have been becausethey were simply not in the mood for small talk so early in the day. But as theday progressed, and Alex was seen making a big show of greeting everyone aroundexcept Jeremy, it became obvious that the two were indeed not talking.


At Pearl Farm that first evening, the two were seen seatedat one table along with other guests. When the playful Jomari Yllana livened upthe scene by jumping, still dressed!, into the pool, others soon followed.Someone heard Jeremy calling out, "Alex, join ka dito." Alex may or may nothave heard him, but she ended up not joining the revelry in the pool.

Little did Jeremy know that the incident had vexed Alex. Atleast, according to someone close to the two, Alex had become annoyed withJeremy because he had let her go off on her own while he was having fun in thepool.

At one point during that first night in Davao, Alex rode amulti-cab along with others to get home. The cab was tight and the ride wasrough. According to Jeremy's camp, Alex was in such a foul mood that she barelyminded that half her body was hanging out of the multi-cab.

The following day, Jeremy was himself disturbed to find outthat the road the multi-cab had traversed the night before had no goodembankment and that, moreover, the drop was steep and rocky. If by someunfortunate accident Alex had fallen off the multi-cab, that would have madefor a really nasty accident.

DAY TWO. The whole day, eyewitnesses say, the twowere again not speaking. But toward nightfall, Alex was seen becoming friendlywith Jeremy. Friendly enough to want to dance with him, Jeremy's camp says. Forsome reason, however, this time it was Jeremy who didn't seem to be toofriendly. He didn't want to dance.


Sources close to Jeremy hazard a guess as to why. They feelthat Jeremy might have become confused by Alex's behavior. They say that forover a year now, Jeremy had been pursuing Alex relentlessly. He had gonethrough "humiliation and rejection" again and again in trying to woo her back.He knew he had done her wrong then, after all. But throughout that one year,she studiously ignored him. She did not give him the time of day and made a bigshow of it.

In any case, this time, with Jeremy not wanting to dance,Alex left in a huff. Throughout the night, meantime, Jeremy partied, drank, andmade merry with the girls. Some say he actually made merry with one particulargirl, who was not Alex. In any case, he would later tell friends he didn't knowhow he got to bed that night.

DAY THREE. Itturned out, he never did. Jeremy woke up at eight in the morning to discoverthat he was lying right on the beach! His friends say that no matter how hetried, he truly could no longer account for the hours leading to his findinghimself on the beach.

According to eyewitnesses, Alex happened to be there. Shehad been nursing Jeremy through his inebriation. She had spent hours making himcomfortable and safe on the beach. She seemed to understand that he had passedout from too much drinking, and had set aside whatever hostility she may, ormay not, have felt.


When he finally woke up, she was supposed to have asked himif he remembered anything. He was supposed to have said he was totally blank.Alex was then supposed to have explained to him that she tried to get him to aproper resting place because he seemed unable to do so on his own. But nothaving enough strength for the two of them, she was only able to get him to thebeachfront.

According to a few guests who later pieced the story, at onepoint, while still on the beach, Alex tried to shake Jeremy awake, possibly torevive him. That was when she ended up being slapped. Jeremy, still half-asleepand in a stupor, had involuntarily flailed his hand back and forth, and Alex'sface was right there. She got it in the face.

When Jeremy was awake enough to listen to Alex tell him thestory, he was shocked. Jeremy's friends confirm that the story shocked Jeremy.The fellow may be many things, but he has no history of hitting women. Theymention that in the almost one year that Alex and Jeremy were sweethearts, whenthey had innumerable quarrels, some of them noisy, some of them very public,not once did Jeremy lay a hand on Alex.

Alex knew this. She knew that Jeremy would not haveknowingly slapped her. But because Jeremy didn't know what she was talkingabout now, she proceeded to demonstrate how the "slapping" happened. It was aconversation they were having. The only trouble is, right when she wasdemonstrating the "slapping," a camera was pointing at them, and picked up the"slapping."


And so was born the story of Alex slapping Jeremy.

Alessandra de Rossi, half-Italian, half-Filipina, is apassionate woman who takes her relationships seriously. That is why she isfamous for her in-your-face honesty and volatility. She speaks her mind. Shespills her guts. She has, in fact, had a couple of tiffs with other stars.Because of this, it might be easy to sell the idea that Alex could slap Jeremy.

But, in fact, she did not.

The best proof is that when PEP checked this issue out,Jeremy's own circle said very definitely: "Not true. Wrong. Walang sampalangnaganap."

Lesson of the story: Not everything is what it seems. GiveJeremy a break. More fairly, give Alex one.





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