Sam Concepcion encourages safe, responsible Internet surfing


Fifteen-year-old performer Sam Concepcion actively supports the anti-piracy campaign of the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Heencourages everyone to become involved with Internet safety by supporting the campaign dubbed as B4USurf.

Net surfing that is.

In a move meant to address his peers, even as he admits to spending huge amounts of time doing the same himself, 15-year-old Star Magic talent Sam Concepcion recently teamed up with the Business Software Alliance (BSA) to help address issues of safety with regard to Internet use via a campaign dubbed, B4USurf.

"B4USurf is a web educational and awareness initiative thought up by the BSA that is meant to highlight the many dangers and threats faced by the young on the Internet. It aims to help us, our parents and educators to understand and avoid the many risks they face online," explains the young heartthrob.

According to Sam—a Filipino stage, TV and film actor, dancer and recording artist—he did not hesitate to say yes to the BSA when they approached him to become their official spokesperson.

"It's an honor and privilege to be chosen to help in this noble cause. I am keenly aware of how dangerous the worldwide web could be particularly for the young. I'm fond of surfing myself and I really feel that there is a great need to educate Internet users of the many do's and don'ts of surfing," he points out.


According to the winner of Little Big Star Season 1, the main component of the campaign is a website (

"It contains 3 sections—one for educators, one for parents, and one for the youth aged 10 to 18 years old," explains Sam. "Each section contains materials, resources, and activities covering a wide array of topics, not only about Internet safety but also the proper use of software tools in monitoring online activities and intellectual property rights."

Sam said that the latter is close to his heart being a recording artist with an album out on Universal Records.

"One of the biggest if not most common activity for Net surfers is downloading—either for images or for music. Though I'm all for sharing, I am disturbed by the fact that downloading doesn't allow for an artist or songwriter to earn. This does not apply only to me but for many musicians, singers, artists all over the world."


The Star Magic talent believes that with B4USurf, everybody will be made more aware if not more responsible with how they use the web.

"This is a good thing. We should all lend a helping hand for something that is meant to encourage that what is right and good."

BSA director for anti-piracy in Asia, Tarun Sawney, echoes the thoughts of Sam, who is currently the Youth Ambassador for Education and the Arts in the third district of Manila and the Department of Education's Youth Role Model and Spokesperson.

"Sam is right. More than just recognizing the massive influence of the cyber technology, people should also be aware of the need to disseminate information regarding its proper use. There is good and bad as well as right and wrong. Knowledge of cyber safety and cyber ethics is a must for everyone and not only for the youth."

Supporting Sam and BSA for the campaign is the Department of Science and Technology, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Intellectual Property Coalition, Philippine Internet Services Organization, Bidshot Wireless Services, and Chikka Asia Inc.


"Join us in this campaign. Visit the website. Get educated," appeals Sam, in conclusion.


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