Sharon Cuneta's princesses at play!


Sharon's photos of her little girls came with a note for YES! magazine's Jo-Ann Maglipon and Anna Pingol saying: Dear Jo-Ann & Anna, Thank you so much again for your thoughtfulness! Your remembering my little girls at Christmas truly means so much—and I couldn’t NOT let you know that your gesture (and the others in the past few years!) is much appreciated! =) May God continue to bless you and keep you safe always! Many, many thanks

For the last three Christmas seasons, YES! magazine has been sending gifts to some celebrities, reversing the showbiz custom of celebs showering the entertainment press with gifts.

See, we’ve always thought this magazine has lots to thank the stars for. After all, we wouldn’t be what we are now, the leading entertainment monthly, if the stars didn’t open their hearts and homes to us.

For those who have kids, our gifts always come in the form of toys.
In our list each year are Sharon Cuneta’s little darlings, Frankie and Miel. And each year, Sharon always finds a way to express her thanks. The first time around, she sent us a jar of a moist chocolate concoction with a thank-you note. The second time around, she personally said her thank-you to this reporter, who in turn extended it to our editor-in-chief.

This time around, the Megastar sent us photos of Frankie and Miel while they were happily playing with their toys.

When our editor-in-chief, Jo-Ann Maglipon, bumped into Sharon at Carol Santos’s 60th birthday party on February 24 at the Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan, Sharon gave Jo-Ann an expansive hello and said: “I’ve photos of Frankie and Miel with your gifts. I’ll send them to you.”

A few days later, the photos arrived with a beautifully handwritten note from Sharon, along with her captions for the photos.

Here they are.





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