Dina Bonnevie and Pia Guanio express admiration for each other


Dina Bonnevie (right) said she enjoys conversations with Pia Guanio (left) during occasional nights out. Pia, as we all know, is the current girlfriend of Dina's ex-hubby Vic Sotto. "Funny kasi when we have dinners together, kami ni Pia ang magkakuwentuhan. Si Vic, alam mo naman... he's a man of few words."

The past and present loves of ace comedian Vic Sotto—Dina Bonnevie and Pia Guanio—are getting along so well that they can all dine out together.

"In fact, noong birthday ni Oyo, Vic and Pia were there and of course, talagang isang umaatikabong talk of Bonifacio High Street. Talagang lumabas lahat ng madlang people. Ay, hindi pala madlang people, lahat ng sosyal na people talagang hindi nila mapaniwalaan na 'What, the four of them were there?" narrated Dina in a taped interview with StarTalk aired last Saturday, March 1.

Pia seconded Dina's claim in a separate interview. "Siguro to some it might be strange. Pero for us, it was very nice and warm. Parang heartwarming kasi, you know, Dina was there and Oyo, Danica, Marc, Vic, me."

Dina was even featured in the entertainment segment of the news program 24 Oras hosted by no less than Pia herself—proof that there's no tension between them.


"In fact, it's so nice when I report about her in Chika Minute and I find out that she's really happy," said Pia.

CLOSE KNIT. Dina and Pia expressed their utmost admiration for each other. Both women are strong willed and highly intelligent. Both also perfectly embody the modern-day image of a woman.

"We don't have problems naman. I think Pia is a very intelligent girl. Alam mo naman ako, basta intelihente madaling kumonek. I always like a good conversationalist, e. I'm naturally drawn to the person," stressed Dina without skipping a beat.

Also, Pia instinctively knows when to come forward and hold her ground particularly when it comes to her role with Vic's loved ones.

"She knows her place," commended Dina. "Alam niya kung anong turf niya, alam niya kung alin ang hindi niya turf. So even if at times she's invited naman, nahihiya siya pumunta kaya kailangan sabihin pa namin."


When it comes to Vic's children, Dina continued: "Plus you know over and above the fact na she's very independent, she's not naman the type na trying to be the mother of the kids."

Pia acknowledged that as far as her boyfriend's personal life and responsibilities are concerned, she's very cautious not to cross the line; imposing her presence is definitely a big no-no.

Pia put things in perspective: "You just have to realize na I am not the only aspect in Vic's life. Maraming aspeto ‘yong buhay niya. There is his life with his kids. His life with his work. Pagka oras ng bonding, bonding with Danica for instance and Danica's loved ones including Dina, siyempre you have to give them that kind of respect and distance. Hindi naman sa lahat ng pagkakataon isisingit mo ‘yong sarili mo. Baka isuka ako!" she laughed.

"Kung mabuti ang pakikitungo sa ‘yo, siyempre mabuti rin ang pakikitungo mo sa kanila," continued Pia, pertaining to Vic's family.


"They're very kind people. They're very decent people. They're well educated. They're so easy to like, so ano pang maisusukli mo kung hindi ganoon din?"

DADDY COOL. Dina also expressed happiness with her former husband's renewed commitment as father to Oyo and Danica.

Vic, as Dina implied, looks very determined to make up for lost time.

"I appreciate the fact that he's very attentive to the kids now, na talagang kahit na ba medyo wala siya masyado nung lumalaki sila," enthused Dina. "Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat to play dad. Hindi din naman natatapos ang role ng pagiging ama," she continued.

Vic's dedication and support now extends to her children's partners. Vic personally watched a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game to cheer Danica's husband Marc Pingris, who plays for the Purefoods TJ Giants.

"Like recently, nanood pa siya ng game ni Marc," said Dina proudly. "Talagang tinanggap na rin talaga ni Vic si Marc. Kasi noong una, parang natakot ako. 'Tanggap niya kaya?' That's the ultimate na 'Wow!' Nag-attend ka ng game ng son-in-law natin, parang ang cute niya."


Speaking of the kids, Dina spoke in behalf of son Oyo regarding his relationship with actress Kristine Hermosa.

"I know they're just friends," swore Dina. "Ilang beses naman na kasing sinabi ni Tin sa kanya na ‘I'm not ready to be in a relationship because I still have feelings for Diether [Ocampo].' And sinabi ko naman kay Oyo na huwag kang manghihimasok. Sabi naman ni Oyo, ‘Hindi naman ako nanghihimasok.'"

Dina follows the same rule in dealing with her children's personal affairs. "Never naman akong nanghimasok sa mga relasyon ng mga anak ko, e."


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