A Silver Wedding: Tirso Cruz III and Lynn Ynchausti


The Cruzes: (left to right) eldest child TJ, 24; youngest child Djanin, 18; Lynn and Tirso; middle child Bodie, 20 . The renewal of vows took place on May 25, 2006, at the BA Lepanto Penthouse, 8747 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. (YES! August 2006 issue)

On May 25, 1981, singer and matinee idol Tirso Cruz III married ramp model Lynn Ynchausti in Christian rites. Because Tirso was part of a love team with Nora Aunor, the wedding was top-secret, hidden from the view of hardcore Guy-and-Pip fans. There is only one existing photo of that wedding.

Between the two of them, Lynn and Pip made a vow. "Sabi namin, every five years, magre-renew kami ng vows," Lynn recalls. "Each time, may pictures na para man lang sa mga bata."

The first renewal of vows was in 1986. The fifth and most recent took place only last May 25—and this one was extra special, because it marked the silver wedding anniversary of Lynn and Pip.

During the simple but meaningful May 25 ceremony, the officiating pastor, the Rev. Dr. Cornelio Castillo, said he did not want to call the event a renewal of vows.

"Kasi ang nire-renew lang, 'yong nag-expire," he elaborated. "E, wala namang nag-expire. Naisip ko, recommitment kaya? Pero ang nire-recommit mo, 'yong naputol. Wala din namang naputol. So, today is a grateful recognition of the wonderful things that God has done for this couple."

The pastor also pointed out—possibly more for the guests than for the couple-the three principles of marriage:

"Number one: You are God's gift to one another. The thing to remember here is that God, when he gives a gift, he does not give us the second best, only the best. That means that you are given to one another because you are best for one another.

"Number two: When God gave you to one another, it is to make you complete. So, in the next 25 years or more, always tell one another—every day if you can—that ‘without you, I'm less than a person.'

"Number three: Till death do you part. What does that mean? It means: I'll take care of you, I'll protect you, and I'll preserve you—until death comes. By then, I'll give you to God. But until death comes, I'll be by your side."


To all this, the couple and their guests—many of whom became teary-eyed in the course of the evening—said amen.





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