Gabby Concepcion and daughter KC will meet on their "own private time."


"I feel a lot better than the first few weeks before coming home and the first few days na nandidito ako," said Gabby Concepcion to the entertainment press yesterday, April 4, during a press conference held at the 9501 restaurant in ABS-CBN, Quezon City.

Barely a week since his arrival here in Manila, Gabby Concepcion has yet to see his daughter KC.

According to the former matinee idol, their busy schedules do not allow them to meet, at least for now. To celebrate her 23rd birthday, KC had previously announced that she will be holding a beach party together with her close friends.

"Tuloy pa rin po ‘yon. Pero hindi po sa Boracay," KC told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last April 2 during a visit at the Marco Polo Care Center in Makati City. She was dismissing the rumor that the celebration will happen in Boracay.

ON THEIR OWN TIME. Both Gabby and KC have been very candid in saying that their long overdue meeting won't happen during the party.

"Ayoko naman sa nanghihimasok sa plano na nila dahil kararating ko lang, meron silang ibang plano din. Kami, magkikita na lang kami on our own private time, " confided Gabby to the entertainment press yesterday, April 4, in a special press conference prepared by ABS-CBN at the 9501 restaurant.


"I know meron siyang pupuntahan, e, so I might not be with her on her birthday. But definitely, I'll be around when she comes back," he confidently said.

Gabby, who arrived in Manila last March 30 after staying in the U.S. for 13 years, refused to reveal his birthday present for KC.

"Simple lang naman ‘yong regalo ko, e, hindi naman isang kotse ‘yon or what. Maliit na bagay lang so ibibigay ko na lang sa kanya," he smiled before adding, "I think the biggest gift is my presence here."

They were supposed to have a reunion this coming July. The meeting was planned several months back but, at the time, Gabby had no inkling that he would be returning to his home country.

"Pupunta sana kami sa Memphis, pupuntahan namin si Elvis [Presley], ‘yong Elvis mansion, pero hindi na matutuloy; nandito na ako so dito na lang kami magkikita."

PROUD DAD. Gabby expressed his excitement with KC's recent foray into show business.


"I'm very proud as a father. I'm very, very happy," he enthused.

The proud father looked back to when KC was still weighing her options on what career path to take after completing her Paris education.

Gabby recalled pitching an offer to KC that if she decides to study anew, this time in the United States, he'd be more than willing to let her stay in his house in San Francisco. KC eventually chose to pursue a showbiz career in Manila rather than stay abroad.

It was obvious that Gabby badly wanted to make up for lost time. One could feel his regret when he confessed that if he only had it his way, he'd rather that KC studied in the States for them to share quality time with each other.

"Sana, I was just hoping, sa akin lang, personal ko lang, sana tinanggap niya ‘yong offer ko para makasama ko siya," shared Gabby.


It was pretty selfish, he admits, but, "'Yon lang yong gusto ko as a father. Pero I told her kung ano ‘yong gusto mo gawin, yong plano [mo], I'll be there behind you 101 percent."





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