Cristine Reyes's lawyer cries foul over GMA-7 statement against her


"The allegation that Cristine was unprofessional,I think it is unfair. Bakit po? Kasi we went through the proper channels, inwriting. We send them letters signifying her intentions to leave," clarifiesAtty. Dexter Licuanan for his client Cristine Reyes (in photo).

Last week, GMA Network released a statement saying, "GMA hasdecided to drop Cristine Reyes from its roster of talents because of herattitude and behavior."

Initially, Cristine felt happy about the news. In fact, she even clarified the statementfrom her former mother station.

"Masaya ako and finally... Hindi ni-release kasi tapos nayung kontrata ko, e. Nung nalaman koyung news, actually natuwa ako," said Cristine. (Click here to read fullarticle.)

However, despite the positive remark of the young actress,her lawyer, Atty. Dexter Licuanan, questioned the statement. He argued that it created a "wrongimpression" about his client.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Licuanan explained, "I just wanted to correctthe impression that the reason they let her go daw was because of her very badand unprofessional behavior, which is very inaccurate, to begin with. Hercontract has expired so it's but right for them to release her,"


Healso pointed out, "She has gone through the process of observing the rules ofcourtesy by signifying to them formally her intentions to leave."

Atty.Licuanan explained that his client's contract with GMA network expired thisyear. He said that he concluded, after evaluating thecontract, that it was expired and there were no mandatoryextensions.

Thelawyer further explained, "Mayroong usually mandatory extensions sa ganyang mgamanagement contract, but what I would want to emphasize [is that this] contract natinuturo nila ay management contract. So hindi po ito exclusiveartist contract that she signed on sa GMA-7—it's through Artist Center [talent arm of GMA-7],iyon lang po ang pinag-uusapan diyan."

UNFAIR STATEMENT. Cristine's lawyer also reacted to GMA-7's statement saying, "She iswelcome to leave. The network has a lot more serious artists to assignimportant projects and develop into fine, professional actors. That being said,GMA network has now closed its doors on Cristine."


Atty. Licuanan thought of it as an unfair statement for hisclient. For him, it somehow brandedCristine as unprofessional.

"Theallegation that Cristine was unprofessional, I think it is unfair. Bakit po? Kasi we went through the properchannels, in writing. We send them letters signifying her intentions to leave.

"Number two, iyong alleged frequent appearance of Cristinereferred to her promotion for the movie she made with her ate Ara Mina entitled Ate. Hindi ako na-consult about that, but I actually told her to try and forcourtesy sake, to secure permission and I think she was able to do that,"

NOT TRANSFERRING. In a previous article published in PEP,Cristine's reaction to the statement was, "Natuwa ako kasi ang tagal ko nainaantay na payagan na nila ako na lumipat. Ang tagal-tagal na namingnagmi-meeting. Ayaw po talaga nilang pumayag," (Click here to read fullarticle.)

However, when Atty. Licuanan was told about this, he againclarified, "Gustoko lang liwanagin, hindi po siya lilipat sa ABS-CBN. Ang gusto lang ni Cristine,she wanted to have independence to be able to make appearances in programs notonly in Channel 7 and also to appear on shows of ABS-CBN... She wanted to have an artist's license totry on different projects, pero wala siyang management contract na pipirmahan. Sohindi siya pipirma sa Star Magic for management contract."

Cristine is scheduled to sign a contract withABS-CBN today, April 9, for her newest project. Shewill do the remake of Alma Moreno's '70s movie titled Eva Fonda, 16.





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