Jennylyn Mercado claims Patrick Garcia's text messages caused her stress


"Parang hindi na niya [Patrick Garcia] iniisipyung condition ko, kahit na hindi na lang yung condition ko, yung condition nalang ng baby ko," commented Jennylyn Mercado about the alleged text messages sent byher former boyfriend. The five-month pregnant actress said the messages caused her stress.

Jennylyn Mercado admitted that she wasstressed out by text messages allegedly sent by Patrick Garcia, her former boyfriend and father of their child. She is five-months pregnant.

Last Sunday, April 21, Jennylyn was rushedto St. Luke's Hospital due to abdominal cramps. One of the reasons given by her doctor was that the young actress wasunder a lot of stress. (Click here toread full article)

In a taped interview with StarTalk aired yesterday,April 26, Dr. Judy Ann Uy-de Luna explained why she decided to admit Jennylynat the hospital. "We decidedto admit Jen kasi nga she was having a pre-term labor right now.

"The pregnancy is really in a critical condition becausewe're not on the period of viability yet. To start with, this pregnancy has started so much emotional stress,which she is having right now again this time."

TEXT MESSAGES FROM PATRICK. In the first story that was published here in PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal), Jennylyn alleged that her ex-boyfriend's text messages were the cause of her stress.


She also said this in her taped interview with StarTalk. She indirectly asked Patrick to beconsiderate about the condition of their baby.

Jennylyn related, "Itong mga past few days, Pat's texting metalaga ng mga text, 'tapos sobrang nakaka-stress, nakaka-harass. Parang hindi na niya iniisip yung conditionko, kahit na hindi na lang yung condition ko, yung condition na lang ng babyko.

"Parang hindi na siya nagmalasakit. Wala na nga siyang naitutulong, kumbaga,wala na siya diyan para sa akin simula nang mabuntis ako, hanggang ngayon banaman na wala na siya talaga?"

The young actress also mentioned that she was able to talkto Patrick. However, the conversation,according to Jennylyn, led nowhere.

"Tapos na lahat between us, hindi pa rin tinitigilan. Kumbaga, hindi ako nagre-reply, hindi kosinasagot yung tawag niya. But noong time na talagang napuno na ako yesterday,sinagot ko pero wala rin namang nangyaring maganda. Wala rin namang napuntahang maganda."


In a previous interview with Patrick's manager, Arnold Vegafria, he deniedJennylyn's allegation that the young actor is harassing her throughtext messages.

Although she is pregnant, Jennylyn's doctor still allows herto do TV appearances and an album promo. Jennylyn said that this is one of the sources of her happiness rightnow.

"Kumbaga, inaaliw ko rin yung sarili ko lalo na kapagkumakanta ako, 'tapos nag-o-autograph signing," said Jennylyn.

Since she will be celebrating her 21st birthday on May 15,Jennylyn wished that, "Sana marami pang blessings na dumating sa babyko. Sa career, after giving birth, sanamakabalik and maging healthy yung baby ko siyempre."

ENTER ANDREI FELIX. Another reason that was said to have caused Jennylyn's stress was themalicious write-ups linking the young actress to MYX VJ Andrei Felix.

A source related to PEP that Jennylyn, who denied theallegations, was hurt by these articles, "Kada labas niya, binibigyang kulay.Lahat na lang ng ginagawa niya... Hindi na raw sila naawa sa baby niya." (Clickhere to read full article)


On the other hand, in StarTalk's interview withAndrei at an event in Boracay, the MYX VJ said he was clueless as to where thisissue came from.

"Well, first things first, hindi talaga totoo yun. Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan nanggagalingyun. I just wanna say na talagangmatagal na kaming friend ni Patrick. Last year? Last, last year,Jennylyn and I worked in a movie in Tiyanaks,—sila Mark Herras, JC deVera—we just became really good friends. Minsan dumadalaw pa nga si Patrick to visit the show, so I don'tknow where this is coming from."

However, Andrei suspects that malicious reporters mighthave seen them together during the event of Max FM, where Andrei is also workingas a deejay, in Boracay.

He said, "We bumped into Jennylyn Mercado. Jen has been a good friend of Max FM. So, yun, pumunta siya sa event namin kasamayung mga friends niya."


Then he explained, "Hindi, hindi kami magkasama, as in Iwas with my Max FM family and I was with my Max FM co-jocks. Kaya and weird kasi that's the last time naI saw her, mga three weeks ago."

Andrei also said that despite the intrigue,he and Jennylyn are communicating with each other, but only toclear up the issue.

The veejay told the media, "Tine-text ko [si Jennylyn],‘Saan nanggagaling 'to?' Parangganyan, parang nahiya rin siya sa akin kasi, yun nga, parang nadadamay din akodito.

"Ako din, nahihiya ako sa kanya, nahihiya din ako kayPatrick. Si Patrick naman and Jen hindinila ako dinamay, e. Hindi naman sakanila nanggaling ito, e, yung press and yung media and yung mga madudumingmag-isip."

According to Andrei, Patrick sent him a text message aboutthe rumors. He said, "Tinanong niyalang ako kung totoo yun kasi magkaibigan naman talaga kami. So, alam mo yun,nag-text lang."


The MYX VJ pleaded to the media, "Sana, sanatalaga tigilan na nila si Patrick, pati si Jennylyn."

And to his friends, Jennylyn and Patrick, Andrei said, "Patand Jen, message ko lang sa inyo, di ba, don't listen to the media, don'tlisten to the press. Just solve yourproblem na kayong dalawa lang for your baby and for thea relationship. And sana matapos na 'to."





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