Richard Gomez still wishes to have another baby


Ten years after their wedding, Richard Gomez says hestill often goes on a honeymoon with wife Lucy Torres. "Kami ni Lucy, every time we travel, it'salways a honeymoon. Yung last tripnamin, we were in Guam pero kasama si Juliana, so semi-honeymoon lang," laughs Richard.

Actor Richard Gomez says that he and wife Lucy Torres arestill working on having a second child. The couple's first child is daughter Juliana who is now seven years old.

In a short interview with Richard during the Kapusolympicsheld yesterday at the Golden Sunset Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas, headmitted that they have long been trying to have a another baby.

"We've been wanting to," said Richard. "Lucy wants six kids, ako five. So, ang tagal na ng backlog namin. We're way behind, 'no?"

He continued, "We've been working on it, lately we've beentrying to work up to have a new baby. Hopefully it will come soon, hopefully this year."

Richard, who is now in his early 40's was still positive thathis 32-year-old wife could still bear a child. In fact, he said in jest, "Siguro at her age, kaya niya, three pa."

Does Richard wish for a boy since theyalready have Juliana?

"Alam mo, it doesn't really matter," he replied. "I'm happy with Juliana na babae, so kungmagkaroon ng boy, maganda rin. Kahitano'ng ibibigay ng Diyos."

JULIANA'S HANDS-ON DAD. Richard still enjoys his experiences as a father. In fact, he said, "I'm very happy being a dad. I didn't expect na ganito lang pala kadaliang maging dad, especially when your wife is very cooperative."

He also related how he takes care of his daughter. "I am a very hands-on dad ever since Julianawas in the hospital, ever since she was a baby. In fact, she still sleeps in our room."


Richard was glad that despite their busy schedule, heand Lucy still have time to take care of Juliana. "It's good kasi 'yong schedule namin ni Lucy isalternate, so mayroong isa lagi sa bahay na maiiwan kay Juliana. It's not like two of us are working, then Julianais alone at home. Laging may naiiwankay Juliana. We were able to work outour schedule that way."

The former matinee idol is not yet opento the idea of Juliana joining showbiz. Juliana has appeared several times with herparents in billboards and print ads, and recently she joined her mother in a TVad.

"I'll let Juliana go to school first,kasi mahirap kapag ganyan, 'tapos she takes school, she's very young. Alam mo, when you're in showbiz, it takes upso much time, e. Maraming bata, dina-experience ang mag-aral. So, maybeI'll give priority first to Juliana's studies."

At the end of the interview, Richard left a message for allfathers: "I think, you know, you just have to give time to yourchildren, especially if they're kids. Kasi yung pagkabata ng isang tao, once in a lifetime lang 'yan, e.

"You know, they'llexperience it only once. Before youknow it, they're big already. Hindi ba,ayaw mo naman magsisi na, ‘Siguro I should have spent more time.' We try tospend as much time as we can."





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