PEP EXCLUSIVE: Cheska Garcia on being Mrs. Doug Kramer: "I’m so excited!"


Cheska Garcia on husband-to-be Doug Kramer: "On the secondyear that Doug and I were together, I knew that he was the one. And I’m soexcited to spend the rest of my life with Doug."The couple's photo was taken during the birthday party of Ruffa Guttierez held at the Blue Leaf Events Place, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, last June 21.

Cheska Garcia is ecstatic! As she talks about her upcoming wedding with Doug Kramer, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle.

“The wedding with Doug is doing really well. Right at thispresent moment, we are just finalizing our invites,” begins the 28-year old actress.

She adds, "Wedding dress is gonna be by Puey Quinones, my makeupartist will be my very, very good friend, Juan Sarte."

The Us Girls also reveals to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she and her fiancé will be spending their big day, slated on October 9 of this year, with people close to them. It's going to be an affair strictly with family and friends.

In fact, Cheska relates that even in selecting the principal sponsors, popularity was not a consideration at all. Instead, they looked at the level of closeness they have with their prospective ninongs and ninangs.

She says, “Siguro yung mga ninongs, naka-16 kami. But Ihave to tell you, guys, it’s a big number but lahat-lahat ng ninong na pinilinamin, lahat close sa family. Lahat, we made sure that we picked them notbecause of whatever we can get from them. We picked them because we felt likeif Doug and I will have problems in the near future, these are the people whocould help us. We do not need whatever, what we want is somebody who can guideus, at the same time, who will inspire us.”

At this point, does she still experiencepre-wedding jitters?


“I did have wedding jitters for a while," she admits. "But to tell youhonestly, right now, it’s about three months before the wedding, I’m so excitedto be with Doug. On the day of our wedding is our fifth year together. Justimagine five years of being together! Never lived in, no whatsoever, we neverpre-empted our wedding, so I’m so excited to live with him, to be with him."

What's the theme of their wedding?

"I really wanted to have a fairy-tale wedding,but Doug is very conservative. That wedding did not push through, that themedid not push through. But you know what, I’m getting married. Never mind the theme. I’m getting married to the man I love. That’s all thatmatters. It’s not what the wedding is gonna be in one whole day. It’s the restof your life with this person. I’m so excited.!" beams the pretty sister of Patrick Garcia.

The final theme, according to Cheska, is "Spanish with a twist."

"We wanted a Spanish wedding coz I’m half-Spanish, but then, twist…because it’s hard to achieve," she explains, smiling. "Butthen, that’s beside the point. I’m just excited to spend the rest of my lifewith Doug."

How many people are in their guest list?

She replies, "Whether 200, 300, 600 or 1,000 [guests], for Dougand I, it would be a big event. This is a big event because we have beenwaiting for this for five years."


Is the wedding going to be in Baguio?

"We have to be honest naman. PBA season yun, paano kogagawing Baguio yun, di ba. 'Tsaka alam mo, hindi ako magpapaka-feeling. I’msorry, wala kaming budget dun. Wala kaming budget dun kasi Doug and I are payingfor our wedding period. Wala kaming help na hiningi from parents," the host-actress explains.

After their wedding, are they going to stay with the Kramers or the Garcias?

"Doug and I just got the 800-square meter lot at the ForestHills. And you know what’s so great about this house, this lot thatwe’ve got, it’s on top of a cliff overlooking Makati and Ortigas," she says, still brimming with excitement.

"I’m so proud of it kasi, alam mo, lahat ng pera dun,pinaghirapan namin ni Doug."

"The man I love," "my husband-to-be," "the one"—Cheska can talk about Doug endlessly. We've never seen a lady so happy, so in love, and so excited about her future. Best wishes!





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