James Yap and Kris Aquino to embark on 16-day U.S. vacation


James Yap and Kris Aquino will leave the country on August 2to have a much needed vacation. The controversial couple is hoping that theirtime together away from home would bind them even closer.

Cager James Yap and actress-TV host KrisAquino apparently are determined to strengthen their three-year marriage.

Just recently, the controversial couple revealed to The Buzz how they celebrated their thirdwedding anniversary last July 10 at the gazebo of the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel inMandaluyong City.

"Sinurprise ko siya, romantic dinner!" James said proudly.

"With candles, may curtain-curtain gumaganun-ganun, mayviolin and guitar. Lahat ng mga songs na favorite ko," said Kris.

Unfortunately, the strong rains prompted the couple to cutshort the romantic dinner. The violinist and guitar player hired by James weresupposed to render 15 songs but the weather just wouldn't allow the celebration tocontinue.

"Sabi ko nga [kay Kris], ‘Dito na lang tayo. Bahala namabasa. Ano, magkakasakit pa tayo? Pasok na tayo," recalled James.

"Kasi kawawa yung mga waiter na nagse-serve ng food, malayo.But it was really nice," enthused the loquacious Kris.

U.S. VACATION. Jamesand Kris courageously confessed that they're currently undergoing marriagecounseling to help them fully understand their role as husband and wife.


"Nakakatulong talaga sa aminngayon na parang... Kasi, di ba, huwag mo na pag-usapan na nagka-counselingkayo kasi parang inamin mo na may problema, e. Lahat naman ng tao may problema.E, yung sa amin talaga, it helps a lot. Nakatulong talaga kasi yung maynakakausap ka," said Kris.

Although saddened by his team's elimination in the ongoingPBA Fiesta Conference, James in a recent conversation with sports columnist andexpert Quinito Henson, mentioned that he's also relieved since the entirePurefoods Giants team is feeling "banged up" after a long and rugged season.

Again, James defended himself for getting involved in analtercation between teammate Jondan Salvador and Talk ‘N Text import TerrenceLeather. The sweet-shooting swingman candidly confessed that he was, in a way,hoping for Leather to be ejected, that's why he reacted to thetemperamental import's conduct.

"We still had a chance to win," James confided to Henson, whowrote their conversation in his column. "I knew if he reacted to me, he wouldgo crazy and get himself ejected. I just thought he didn't deserve to continueplaying the way he was acting."


Being out of contention enables James to catch up onhis role and responsibilities as a husband and father. He excitedly shared toQuinito their overseas itinerary. James and Kris will leave Manila on August 2for a 16-day U.S. vacation.

The couple will watch LittleMermaid, Legally Blonde, and Wicked on Broadway while in New York.They also secured tickets to watch Loveand La Reve in Las Vegas,Nevada.

While they are away, James's mom will come to Manila fromEscalante to take care of Joshua and Baby James. Kris and James willreturn home in time for the 25th death anniversary of Kris'sfather, former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino on August 21.


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