Pops Fernandez in USA and Canada!


This shot was taken in Dutch Harbor, a small island officially known as Amaknak, which is part of the city of Unalaska.“It seems like most of the population here consists of hard-workingPinoys,” Pops reports. (YES! September 2007 issue)

Pops Fernandez joined Kuh Ledesma on a one-month concert tour of the U.S. and Canada in April. The concert, Pops and Kuh at the Movies, had the Concert Queen and the Pop Diva rendering popular movie theme songs from local and foreign films. The tour took the duo and their entourage to San Miguel in California, Anchorage and Dutch Harbor in Alaska, St. Louis in Missouri, Chicago in Illinois, Oahu and Hilo in Hawaii, Atlantic City in New Jersey, Las Vegas in Nevada, and Cache Creek and Montreal in Canada.

“Me, I left April 17 and went back home June 16,” says Pops in an email interview. “We only stayed, at the most, three days in a city. In some, we arrived the day before the show and left right after the show. It was really a hectic tour. We did a lot of flying and driving. We were never in a place long enough to even adjust to the time difference.”


These photos, many of them taken in Alaska, were lent by Pops herself


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