Luis Manzano avoids working with Angel Locsin to maintain their privacy


Luis Manzano says he would rather not divulgethe state of his relationship right now with Angel Locsin (inset).

During the general press conference of Dyosa at theManila Ocean Park yesterday, August 4, Luis Manzano was asked by the pressregarding his rumored girlfriend Angel Locsin.

He tells PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "We're okay,we still go out, and we're very, very, very happy. The key word is that it'snot a necessity. Because the more I answer, the more I will sound showbiz. Iwant to give people due respect, ayokong magpaikot ng tao.

"There is no need for me to answer, wala namang buhay nanakataya," he says.

When pressed to define what kind of relationship he hasright now with Angel, he says half-jokingly, "Kung may necessity, kungkailangan ko nang sagutin dahil may buhay na nakataya, saka ko na langsasabihin."

At this point, Luis revealed that he has no plans of beingpaired with the new Kapamilya star. "We're not working together and we have noplans of working together. We believe we have our own thing...siguro ‘pagepisodic. Pero ‘pag love team sa teleserye, ayaw namin kasi mas lalongmapapakialaman kung ano man ang meron kami."

Why is Luis very protective about his "relationship" withAngel? "Kasi, it's something very special. If there's something very special sabuhay natin, wala naman tayong ibang gagawin kung hindi alagaan yun," he reasoned.

Is Angel special to him right now? "Yes, definitely," heanswers.

How special is Angel to him? "What you see is what you get.Nakikita naman ng tao yun."

In 2007, it was reported that Luis chose Anne Curtis as oneof the beneficiaries for his life insurance, aside from naming his immediatefamily members. Does he see himself naming Angel Locsin as his beneficiary,similar to what he did for Anne?

"You have to understand, kami ni Anne, we go back for at leasteight years and we have been through so much, not just a typical eight-yearfriendship. We have been through so much ups and downs. I'm very, very close toher family and I'm in constant communication with her mom. So hindipuwedeng i-compare. It's unfair to compare."


"Pero siguro if the time is right, oo, puwedeng magingbeneficiary ko rin si Angel."

How does he feel about the intrigues being faced by Angelnow?

"In showbiz and politics, there is no right thing. Even ifyou do the right thing, people will judge you. Kahit gaano ka pa kabait, meronat merong magsasabi ng masama sa ‘yo. Kahit anong kabutihan ang ipakita mo,meron pa rin."

Angel reportedly had a disagreement with Claudine Barrettoin a salon last July 4, which prompted ABS-CBN executives to step in andfacilitate a meeting with both Kapamilya stars.

How did Angel handle these negative criticisms? "She hashandled it unbelievably well. Of course, it gets to her pero sa laki ng issuena binabato sa kanya, she's smiling...basta ang importante sa kanya aymagtrabaho."

Luis says that he knows what is the truth behind theseissues and he is ready to support Angel wholeheartedly. "Alam ko ang totoo andI think 99 percent ng mga kilala niya, alam rin ang totoo. She gets upset but that doesn't really affect who she is.Hindi naman talaga siya ganun."

Did Angel cry over this issue? "There was one time that shegot teary-eyed. Let's leave it at that. They chose to keep that issue betweenthem," said Luis.

Luis is one of the leading men of Anne Curtis in ABS-CBN's fantaserye Dyosa, which will air starting August 11.





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