Bernard Palanca shares views on son Elijah and TV5 show


"I want to see him nga in a commercial, e.Marami akong gusto para sa kanya. I want him to be a rockstar, kahit ano, kahit ano,I will support him," says Bernard Palanca of his son with actress Meryll Soriano, Elijah.

Proud father si Bernard Palanca sa tuwingnababanggit ang anak niya kay Meryll Soriano na si Elijah. Sa unang pagkakataonkasi ay lumabas sa telebisyon ang panganay na anak ni Bernard sa The Buzz,kasama ang TV host na si Willie Revillame.

"My features pero kulay ni Mico," bungad niBernard nung makausap siya ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa grandlaunch ng bagong TV5 kamakailan. "Mico" is his brother Mico Palanca.

Okey lang ba sa kanya na lumabas sa TV siElijah sa murang edad?

"It's cool. Okey lang, of course. Kasama namanang lolo niya," ngiti ni Bernard.

In speaking terms na raw sila ng ina niElijah na si Meryll.

"Matagal na rin naman since we have,okey naman. We're okay. She's around. I wish her no negative vibes. We're beingcivil and we're being friends to each other as much as we can for his [Elijah's]sake. I don't want him to grow up kasi na he sees his parents are fighting. Idon't want that."

Paano ang arrangement nila sa bata?

"Every time I want to see him, I can do so.Just like the other day I picked him up. ‘Pag busy si Meryll kinukuha ko siElijah then before dinner ibinabalik ko na siya. If I want to see him or bewith him, all I have to do is just say it to Meryll."

Papayagan ba niyang mag-artista si Elijah?

"It's up to him. I want to see him nga in acommercial, e. Marami akong gusto para sa kanya. I want him to be a rockstar, kahitano, kahit ano I will support him."

Sino ang nagbigay sa kanya ng Biblical namena Elijah for his son?

"I remember during the good old days pa andwe were talking about names. Then I mentioned to her the name Elijah. And Ieasily, really like the name Elijah. So, I mentioned that to her. At sabi niya,it's nice. Buti naman ginamit niya. So, I'm happy. I'm very happy about that."


LOLO'S HEIR. Masuwerteng bata rin daw si Elijah dahilbukod sa kanila ni Meryll, mahal na mahal din ng kanyang Lolo Willie Revillame angkanilang anak. In fact, sinasabi pa ni Willie sa telebisyon na si Elijahang tagapagmana niya.

"Well, sana. I'm happy! Why not?! You know,lolo had a lot of ano... he's rich! He has a lot of money. So, Eli will grow uphappy ‘pag ganun. At least I don't have to worry. He will be secured for life!He can support his kids."

Nagkita na ba sila ni Willie?

"Not since I came back. I've only seen,ah...just Meme [palayaw ni Meryll] and her Mom [BekBek Soriano] so far."

HUSH, HUSH. Samantala, kabilang si Bernard sa mgaKapamilya stars na kinuha ng TV5 para sa bago nilang programa.

"Yes, I am. The show is called called HushHush. It's a very nice show. I mean, I'm not, you know, sugar-coating it oranything but it is a really good show because it's different. We're gonna bedealing with the issues behind the camera. So, you're gonna see relationshipswith bosses and artista. I play a director who has a relationship with anartista.

"It's not a reality show and it's not focusedon anyone in particular, but it is focused on the life of an artista, so tospeak. You have...behind all the glamor and whatnot, you know, that they alsofall in love. They also get hurt, they also have hard times. Things like that.And we're gonna be tackling mostly everything that you don't see normally."

Nag-share din ba siya ng personal experiencesniya sa kanyang career para sa show?

"Ah, siguro in somesituations...yeah. Only because I used to study certain directors, you know. Andlalo na I'm working with Direk Laurice Guillen. I asked her advice on how adirector would do this, so, I kinda look at things now from a director's pointof view and not an artista."


Gusto ba niyang maging direktor?

"Why not? I'm open to anything, you know. I'dlike to expand my career not only in front of the camera, as well, you know. Ialso want to start producing. So, we'll see what happens. But this is a verygood show."

Ilan sa mag kasama niya sa show ay sina InaFeleo at Dominic Ochoa. Magkasama si Bernard at Ina na dumating sa grand launchng TV 5. Posibleng matsismis sila ni Ina.

"We'reall together in the same show that's why we're all here. Before kasi we startedthe show Direk Laurice had us do a workshop, all of us. So, we all had to getclose to each other know, we all get along. The whole cast. Wehave new guys in there like Bruno. He'sa Brazilian-Italian guy. He used to bea model and now he wants to try acting, and his character is a little bit based on his real life. Meaning, he was a model but trying to be anartista but he's struggling because of the language.

"Pero you know, he's good looking, yungtalagang... And Ina naman plays an artista who doesn't want to make lamang. Parang, ‘I'm the star!' Parang diva, yeah, like that. Then,Krista [Ranillo], she plays parang like a newcomer in the station. She waspirated from another station. But she's the next rising star, parang ganun.

"Then, there's Joem [Bascon] also. ValeenMontenergo is in it. She plays my girlfriend in the show. It's a great group.And like I said, Direk Laurice has been directing the past few episodes so...myGod!"

BACK TO WORK. Mananatitli na ba siya dito sa Pilipinas athindi na babalik ng Australia?

"For a long time, for a while. Australia isnot going anywhere. I can always go back. So, until I'm sure that my family issecure then, my son is secure."


What about a new girlfriend?

"I really didn'tcome home to look for one. I came home to work. I have to work, focus on mywork. I have set my mind to be alone.To be happy by myself," tapos ni Bernard.





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