Alicia Mayer and PETA give men tips for better performance in bed


Alicia Mayer and PETA collaborate to promote vegetarian diet, which is a good preventive measure for impotence. In a recent study, impotence, or "erectile dysfunction," affects millions ofmen around the world every year. One study shows that as many as half of men overthe age of 40 in the U.S. are impotent at least part of the time.

Sexy actress Alicia Mayer encourages the vegetarian lifestyle anew as she poses for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for the second time.

Her ad's new twist is for men to stop eating meat to help them perform better in bed. The PETA article says it all...

In a classic Vargis-style pinup ad—shot by ace photographer Raymund Isaac—Alicia Mayer, dressed in sexy lingerie and holding a banana, says, "Eating Meat Got You Down? Get It Up! Go Vegetarian."

The actress, model, and cover girl made time for this brand-new PETA ad. The point of it all? Alicia and PETA Asia-Pacific want to remind men that while swallowing pills to overcome impotence might be a short-term fix, kicking the ugly meat habit—which clogs the arteries to all a man's organs — is the best way to restore solid results to a lackluster love life.

The actress and PETA Asia-Pacific want Filipino men to get the message that if they'd just eat right, they might be up to the task. The cholesterol found in meat and other animal products blocks the flow of blood to all the body's major organs, not just the heart.

According to the Erectile Dysfunction Institute, up to 90 per cent of all cases of impotence are physical as opposed to psychological. High cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer and inflammation, and hormonal imbalances cause the vast majority of all cases of impotence.

The good news is that medical science has proven that all these conditions can be virtually eliminated with a low-fat vegan diet.

Numerous physicians and nutritionists agree that the best way to prevent artery blockage as well as multiple other conditions which cause impotence is to eat a diet high in fibre, including plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods scrub the plaque off arterial walls, which gets your blood flowing and your love life going again in no time.

"Viagra might get you through the night, but a healthy vegetarian diet can get you through your life," says Alicia matter-of-factly. "A man who stuffs his belly full of dead pig flesh in the kitchen might end up delivering dead wood in the bedroom."





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