Ely Buendia will help Francis Magalona put up foundation for ailing musicians


Ely Buendia graced the premiere night of EraserheadsReunion Concert: The Movie. The band's concert held at The Fort last Augustis now being screened in SM cinemas nationwide.

Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, and Buddy Zabala graced thepremiere night of Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Movie held lastNovember 24 at SM Megamall. The former members of the Eraserheads—minus RaimundMarasigan—were there to watch the first public screening of the concert turnedmovie, which is now currently being screened in SM cinemas nationwide.

The entertainment press asked Ely to give his reaction to the fact that theirAugust 30 concert will now be shown on the big screen for the benefit of thosewho were not able to watch them perform at The Fort.

"Uhm, nabigla ako, e," admits the current vocalist of theband Pupil. "Mabilisan, pero oo, ang daming naghihintay din ng movie."

According to Sony-BMG, they got the idea to turn the concert into a movie abouta month ago.

Ely expressed his excitement for the historic project. "It'sthe first time na gagawin 'to dito sa Pilipinas, so the band is very excited andwe're very proud and we're very happy that Sony-BMG thought of this. I hopeeveryone will have fun and enjoy the movie."

How does it feel to be watching himself on the big screen? "Siyempre mas relaxed ako ngayon. Walamasyadong pressure. Kumbaga part din ako ng audience ngayon," he said.

Ely managed to crack jokes before the screening of Eraserheads ReunionConcert: The Movie. He and his former bandmates went up the stage to givea short talk to the audience. "I'm sure excited na kayong panoorin angpelikula. Ako ang pinaka-excited kasi first time ko mapapanood ang concert.Late ako nun, e," he jokes.

Fans of the Eheads will enjoy watching the movie since it will feature all 15songs that the band performed during the concert. Footage of the concert has been edited meticulously and treated as a music videocomplete with special effects.


It is interesting to note in the end that producers of the movie added threewords that will excite viewers even more: TO BE CONTINUED. This confirms whatEly said in a previous interview that there will be another reunion concert forthe popular ‘90s band.

FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER. Ely took this time to talk aboutthe short film that he directed, titled Waiting Shed. The 13-minute filmis produced by Cinemanila's Tikoy and Anima Aguiluz.

His debut film was recently screened in Marikina as part of Cinemanila's SineBarangay. "Okey naman yung reaction. They were very, very receptive and theyreally paid attention sa lahat ng short films na pinalabas kahit may technicaldifficulties."

(Click HERE to learn more about Ely's indie film.)

Marcus also directed his own short film titled Artist Is In. These two works will be screened prior to the Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Movie.

COLLABORATION WITH FRANCIS M. What is the update regarding his projectwith Francis Magalona?

"I'm just waiting for Francis na lumabas sa hospital kasihe's still undergoing chemotherapy. Siguro in about a week, hopefully lalabasna siya and hopefully he will still have the energy to record again. Pero lasttime we spoke to him, excited pa rin siya sa project.

"Naka-isang recording kami, isang session two weeks ago. After nun, dumiretsona siya sa hospital and he hasn't gotten out since."

Ely was also asked to give details about the foundation thathe and Francis M are planning to put up. He says that guest artists and a bandcalled Hardware Syndrome will be part of this collaborative album. "Gumagawakami ng album. Parang one-shot album," narrates Ely.

What is the goal of the album? "We want to get funds for thefoundation na matagal nang gustong itayo ni Francis. And hopefully the sales willbe enough para ma-start na niya yung foundation na gusto niyang itayo.


"It would be mainly for our friends in the musicindustry, kung sino man yung may sakit or nangangailangan ng tulong or kahitanong klaseng tulong, financial or whatever."





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