Pauleen Luna frustrated by Gerald Anderson’s denial that he visited her on "Eat Bulaga!"


Pauleen Luna (main photo) claims she has proof that Gerald Anderson (inset, with Kim Chiu)visited her on the set of Eat Bulaga!.She said, however, that she is not the type of person to raise such anissue, but Gerald’s denial may prompt Pauleen to do so.

Startalk's October11 episode featured Pauleen Luna talking about Gerald Anderson's visit tothe Eat Bulaga! set. The young actresssaid that Gerald just brought over food. "That's it," Pauleen said, "let's notmake a big deal out of it."

After the interview, Gerald was interviewed by PEP about theissue, but he denied that he visited Pauleen and brought food to the Eat Bulaga! set.

Yesterday in Startalk,November 29, Pauleen was interviewed via phone patch by host Joey de Leon. Pauleen, who was in Boracay with friend and Eat Bulaga! co-host Ruby Rodriguez, aired herfeelings about the ongoing issue and debunked Gerald's recent denial that hevisited her.

"The issue is becoming cheap already!" started Pauleen."Because I've already said my part. Wala naman sa record ko nanagsisinungaling. So what I said is true. He walked in EB, and it's not only thesecurity guards who saw him. Some of the staff, some of the PA's, mga artistanakakakita... It's all true.


"Now, wala na akong magagawa if that's their thing, e, todeny. Ako, I've said my part and I want to appeal on this because it isbecoming cheap already. Deny sila nang deny. Ako naman, totoo po ang sa akin,so that's it."

"Hindi ko kasi maalala," Joey said, referring to the time Gerald visited the Eat Bulaga! set. After a while, he asked,"So, nagdadala ng pagkain?"

"Yeah," Pauleen answered.

Joey then quipped, "Hindi kaya siya ang bago natingcaterer?"

"Puwede!" laughed Pauleen.

So why is Gerald denying it?

"I have no idea," Pauleen said. "Hindi ko po alam, but Idon't have any business with them anymore."

KIM CHIU'S STATEMENT.In a separate interview with Gerald's screen partner Kim Chiu, she saidthat she would distance herself from the Kimerald love team if Gerald is really courtingPauleen. What is Pauleen's say on this?

"Ako po, it's up to her," she answered. "But now, hindinaman po kasi nanliligaw [si Gerald]. It's been a long time since I last talkedto him and sobra talaga, na-weirduhan ako noong he was denying all these things.I have a lot of proof and evidence if gusto ko talaga maglabas."


Is she willing to provide such evidence?

"I'm not the type naman na maglalabas for my own sake,"Pauleen explained. "If I'm that type, matagal ko nang ginawa. The first time itcame out, dapat nilabas ko na kasi they kept on denying it. That does not lookgood on me because nagde-deny siya. But, hindi ako ganoon. I respect whateverthey say. But please, respect what I say and don't make me look like a liarnaman."

What's her message to Kim?

"Gerald is not courting me. Tapos," Pauleen said.

How about one to Gerald?



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