Send PEP e-cards and spread Yuletide cheer!


It's time to spread the Yuletide cheer and the best way is to do it the PEP way! Choose from three designs: "Peace on Earth," "Merry Christmas," and "Miles Apart" (in photo) by clicking HERE.

Let's take a break from the showbiz hubbub andconcentrate on the holiday spirit this December by wishing our loved ones aMerry Christmas.

Of course, cards are always the best way to send in yourgreetings, and the Internet makes it a whole lot easier with the introductionof electronic cards or e-cards. Instead of using paper and other traditionalmeans, e-cards use digital technology to customize messages that will automatically be sent to the recipient's email address. Inthis our generation, e-cards are the fastest, more reliable means of telling loved ones how much you care about them.

So now, PEP has added a new feature by including e-cards this December. PEPsters can choose from three E-card designs to send totheir loved ones. "Peace on Earth," "Merry Christmas," and "Miles Apart