Jomari Yllana says marriage with Pops Fernandez is not yet on agenda


At present, Jomari Yllana (main) and Pops Fernandez (inset) are closely working together for her concert with Martin Nievera this February 6. The actor said the project has given them the chance to get to know each other better. Will it strengthen their three-year relationship?

When will Jomari Yllana propose to Pops Fernandez?

For the longest time, this has been the perennialquestion of the showbiz press, and repeatedly, the celebrity couple's answerhas been: "We're enjoying what we have."

During the birthday party of GMA-7executive Redgie Magno, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Joms the same question, and he just took it nonchalantly.

He replied, "Right now, I'mvery comfortable with what we have..."

Pops said in her previous interviews (click here to read article) , "We never fight."Likewise, Jomari also related, in an article published here in PEP last year, that the age gap is working in their favor because of "maturity."

So what's stopping them from taking their relationship to a higher level?

The host-actor replied vaguely, "Ang problema kasi, may mga anakkami, di ba? Tatlo yun, eh, sa ‘kin yung pinakabata...So, kung iisipin mo, hindipa...sobra kaming okay, pero baka ‘pag nag-asawa kami, baka...definitely may mgamasasaktan, di ba?"

They both came from broken marriages. Pops was married to Concert King Martin Nievera, while Joms was the first husband ofpolitician-actress Aiko Melendez. By the looks of it, the two are very happy with their set-up, and are probably afraid to do something that might change the status quo.

Their relationship became the core of intermittent breakuprumors last year, but Pops and Joms remained together. In fact, they celebrated their thirdanniversary last December 8.

But Jom believes he and Pops are not yet past the getting-to-know-youstage. "We're learning more from each other, e," he said. "Marami kamingnatutunan sa isa't isa. Kumbaga under pressure, personality, character, weaknessside, diskarte, yun, nakikita namin ourselves in action together, how we work."

Wedding is far from their minds, as both are currently busy with their upcoming concert titled Missing You. Pops and Martin, will be the performers, while Joms will produce the show.


The project has given them the chance toget to know each other better. He remarked, "Three years na kami pero meron kamingnakikilala sa isa't isa na hindi pa namin alam, e. Nadidiskubre namin ngayonlang."

Do their busy schedules get in the way?

The ward of Douglas Quijano answered, "Actually nagsimula kami, sanay kami ng ganun, e. Sanay ako ng nagtu-tour siya around the world. Umpisa pa lang, ganun nayung trend namin. Lagi siyang wala peropag nandito siya, masaya. [Nandun] yung element ng missing someone.""

CONCERT UPDATE. Theupcoming show on February 6 is "okay," according to Jomari. "Kahitna ina-eye bags na ako," he quipped.

As a producer, he described himself as "very hands-on." He said, "I'm very much on top of everything, except creative, and yungproduction side—that's on Pops, she's in charge, and I leave it to her, kasi yunyung hindi ko alam, e. Yung iba, okay ako...Parang naghati kami ngresponsibility para mas maging efficient nga, di ba?

"Pero Martin-Pops past concerts, I've seen them. Meron langakong isang [suggestion] for [the] creative part. And isa lang, request ko lang, kasiI've never seen it before."

PEP asked him to elaborate about his suggestion, but he just smiled and noddedwhen we said, "Aabangan na lang ng fans?"





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