Martin Nievera says relationship with ex-wife Pops Fernandez has no end


"There's no end. I don't know with Pops but I can never really look at her eyes longer than five seconds. I can't... Because then, I'll go back, I'll regret, from the times when we were happy. Even when she's not there, when Pops and I are not together, that was the time when I see her the most," says Martin Nievera about ex-wife Pops Fernandez.

Naging napakasaya, may halong kilig, at bandang huli ay naging emosyunal ang naganap na press conference para sa Missing You concert nina Martin Nievera at Pops Fernandez sa 42nd floor ng Discovery Suites sa Ortigas Center.

Tila feel na feel din ni Martin na sa bawat tanong sa kanila ni Pops, may kiss dapat. Nagbiro pa itong, "I'm only human. I may not look human but I'm just human. Whoever planted their lips on your cheeks will forget their name!"

"Ang galing-galing pa rin ni Martin!" reaksiyon naman ni Pops.

Tungkol naman sa kanilang concert, ani Martin, "The people don't need to watch this show. This is one show you have to watch because you want to. It's not a necessity that you watch this show because if we'll do this again and again and again, Pops and I think, I can safely say Pops and I, we're still an unbeatable team because we really went through what a love team should goes through. There was a beginning, there was a middle and, definitely, there will be an end. Which means that this a love team that stands through many storms, trials, and now, we're able to talk about it again, sana in more public words."

Dugtong naman ni Pops, para raw silang isang telenovela na inaabangan ng lahat.

Friends na ba sila ulit or for the concert na lang ang ginagawa nila?

"Everybody knows naman that I can't act!" bulalas ni Martin. "So, this will be my most challenging role kung magkaaway pa rin kami. It is our business. It is our business to do concerts apart and together, and we haven't done that part of our business for a long, long time. If it's our business, we're just branching out."

Kuwento ni Martin, noong isang gabi raw ay nasa bahay niya sa Pops, kasama ng ilang mga kaibigan. Nandun daw sila not only for business, pero para magkuwentuhan ng kung anu-ano.


"It's not just business but it is a business," sabi ng Concert King. "Martin and Pops have to become a business even for one day for our kids. They are going to college and we still have one major responsibility and that is to raise our children so they can raise their own."

HAWAII IS FOR POPS. During the presscon proper, nabanggit ni Martin na ang Hawaii talaga ang place for them. In fact, when he means Hawaii, it's Pops.

"Whoever is with me, I cannot bring to the same restaurant that I took Pops to. Whatever we do, wherever we went, whatever we shared, I don't want to share with another woman, even if we're not together anymore. Like Hawaii. Hawaii is our home away from home," saad ni Martin.

Tanong ni Pops, "You've never taken anyone to Hawaii?"

"I haven't," sagot ni Martin. "I would end in a breakup, in a fight or whatever, it will never work out! It's like in Hawaii, it's only Pops."

Napadako ang usapan tungkol sa Hawaii nang i-reenact niya nang minsang tawaging "honey" ni Pops ang present boyfriend nito na si Jomari Yllana. So, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Martin kung wala ba talagang selos on his part every time he hears Pops calling another guy, "honey."

"Not jealous," sabi ni Martin. "But of course, it's like, ‘Oh my gosh! I heard! I heard it, you know!' It's like that. Noong pictorial, kasama si Jom, of course, he's the producer [of the concert] and he's telling me how to hold Pops. Doon ako medyo na-weirdan, but in a good way. ‘Oh, this guy is okay with me.' So, I have nothing against Jom for as long as he makes her happy and never hurts her.

"And then, I found myself, ‘Jom paano ‘to?' Of course, he's the actor! He's knows his thing more. But if you wanna talk about who knows how to kiss Pops, we both know how. But cinematically, mas marunong si Jom, di ba? He's an actor.


"And Jom, he calls me, ‘My Concert King!" natatawang sabi ni Martin.

Dagdag niya, si Jomari pa raw ang nagsabi sa kanya na dapat ay mag-kiss sila ni Pops sa concert. "So on February 6, you get to see if I get a slap by the producer or by my ex-wife!" biro ng Concert King.

MISSING POPS EVERY NIGHT. Kailan nila na nami-miss nila ang isa't isa?

"At night," mabilis na sagot ni Martin.

Hirit naman ni Pops, "Every night, you miss me?"

"Even in my own world, in my own life, I think about her," sabi ni Martin. "I worry a lot. Deep down inside, I do worry about her. Even during the happiest like Christmas or New Year. Like last Christmas, I was with my three boys [Robin, Ram, and Santino] but I feel so bad because she [Pops] wasn't with the boys. So, it's not like, I got the boys! So, I'm sure, it's the same with Pops."

Sa tanong kay Martin if he will be given a chance to end their relationship, anong klaseng scene ang gusto niya, bigla itong emosyunal at napaiyak.

"It's sounds awful, I have no answer," malungkot na sabi ni Martin. "There's no end. I don't know with Pops but I can never really look at her eyes longer than five seconds. I can't... Because then, I'll go back, I'll regret, from the times when we were happy. Even when she's not there, when Pops and I are not together, that was the time when I see her the most.

"When I see the new Pops now, her passion for her work, she's grown up to be...everything she has become. I'm so proud of what Pops has become. If I knew this... Siguro naman, I'd still be with this girl.

"She loves her man," patuloy ni Martin. "She stands beside her mom [Dulce Lukban]. She defends her mom. When she has a man, she comes to me and asks me my opinion on that. She's grown up to be such a good woman and such a good person. And what I love about Pops the most, she's still there, she hasn't changed even if there's problem, bad press, good press.


"So, this is a big deal for me. To be with the woman I should have had. Most men in their lifetime can never say that they can see the woman they lost somewhere in the future. And I had that opportunity because you all want to see it so badly. These are my benefits. When we see each other like this, this is dangerous," very emotional na pahayag ni Martin in between tears.

"And really, there's no end. If we get remarried, then there will be an end," sabi ni Martin, "You know what, I'm so loud! I talk so much! It's like I'm the dictator and I want to show her that this is the right way to do it when actually, what I'm doing is, let me do it for you.

"All my life, I did everything for her because I didn't think she can't do it, but it's just me. Now, she's no longer with me and I feel doing things that I would assume the role of doing and I'm so proud. I feel so shocked she made me pala!"

Kailan niya na-realize yun?

"Every day! Every day of that we're not together. And whenever I see my kids, how close they are to each other and how they love each other, ‘Wow, ang galing ni Pops! Ang galing ni Pops!' I absolutely take no credit. Absolutely no credit.

"When they are with me, I do what I can. But I'm just a one-week father or a month father. But to see the men that they have become without a man... Of course, they have a father figure with Jom. But to see what they have become, by themselves, with one parent. That's the hero of the world, the single mom," papuri ni Martin kay Pops.






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