VJ Andrei Felix denies romantic involvement with Jennylyn Mercado


MYX VJ Andrei Felix brushes off anew the rumor linking him to actress-singer Jennylyn Mercado. Andrei told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal): "Jen and I, we go a long way back. Talagang we've been very, very good friends. I consider her as one of my closest friends."

MYX VJ Andrei Felix is continuously being linked to actress-singer Jennylyn Mercado, following reports that the two were spotted attending mass together last May 10 in a church in Quezon City.

The timing of the report coincides with Jennylyn's supposed weekend disappearance; consequently affecting the promotional efforts lined up by her management team to support her solo concert, I Am Woman.

Jennylyn, who cited feeling ill due to fatigue as the reason for her disappearance, defended herself by saying that she was just home resting at the time. Her claim totally contradicted the statement of Becky Aguila that her ward was untraceable since mid-afternoon of May 9.

JUST FRIENDS. In an interview with Andrei last May 28 at the Pure N' Fresh Top Teen Awards held at the A. Venue in Makati City, the good-looking VJ did not deny the sighting but stressed that they are just good friends—no more, no less.

"Nabalitaan ko rin yun," Andrei told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), pertaining to the reported church sighting. "Jen and I, we go a long way back. Talagang we've been very, very good friends. I consider her as one of my closest friends."

Their love for music is one of the reasons they click. It also helps that Andrei's job as a video and disc jockey comes in handy, especially in promoting Jennylyn's shows and album singles.

Going to church with Jennylyn, according to Andrei, is not unusual. And so is hanging out with other female celebrity friends.

"Kunwari you're seen with let's say, Anne Curtis, siyempre gagawan na naman ng tsismis 'yan, lalagyan ng intriga or something. Pero 'yong like pagsimba, may kasama kaming mga kaibigan, fellow DJs."

The rumor linking Andrei and Jennylyn started even during the time Jennylyn was pregnant, courtesy of actor-ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia. Both Jen and Andrei have denied the nagging rumor, stating repeatedly that their relationship is merely "platonic."






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