The Battle of the Billboards is back!


Who has the more attention-grabbing billboard? Anne Curtis, the former real-life girlfriend of Sam Milby? Or Angel Locsin, Sam's current reel partner?

Almost every month, various companies put up gigantic tarpaulins to launch or promote a service. Previously, they would use a catchy teaser (like, "Will you marry me?) or, spend a hefty sum on an out-of-the-box execution (remember that wrecked car in Sucat?)

Now the billboards rely on beauty. The country's top aesthetic centers and beauty brands know that the best way to catch your attention is with a beautiful image model.

Which of these ladies will make you stop and stare on the highway?

Is it Iza Calzado's slimmed-down transformation for Marie France?

Perhaps the smooth, hair-free skin of Anne Curtis for Belo Medical Group's Laser Hair Removal treatment, or Angel Locsin for Facial Care Center's LaserLight hair removal catches your eye.

Did Marielle Rodriguez' softly alluring ad for Zen Zest lured you in?

You must have noticed how radiant Judy Anne Santos looks in her billboard for Myra 300E. Or Katrina Halili's slim frame in the bright pink Flawless ads.


And, of course, surely you couldn't have missed Rufa Mae Quinto on a bed of rose petals, a la American Beauty, for Mikaela. brings back the Battle of The Billboards! Cast your vote now by clicking HERE.


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