Dra. Vicki Belo on Hayden Kho: "We talk at least twice a week"


"For the first time in my life I'm single and maganda pala maging single," controversial cosmetic surgeon and entrepreneur Vicki Belo told the entertainment press in an interview conducted earlier today, August 11, in Quezon City.

Life goes on for cosmetic surgeon and entrepreneur Victoria "Vicki" Belo. Earlier today, August 11, the Belo Medical Group officially welcomed Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao—better known as the wife of Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao—as its newest endorser for Belo Diet Injections. The event was held at the Dolce Superclub on T. Morato Ave., Quezon City.

Vicki personally graced the occasion to show her support to Jinkee and to thoroughly explain the details of the clinic's latest offering.

DEALING WITH CRITICISM. The spotlight, however, was not entirely reserved for the better-half of the current pound-for-pound boxing champion.

The moment Vicki stepped inside the venue to join Jinkee on stage, it was obvious that the entertainment press was just waiting for the perfect moment to corner the well-known cosmetic surgeon.

Vicki was recently involved in the infamous sex video scandal linking sexy actress Katrina Halili and Belo's ex-boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho. During the height of the controversy, authorities—in an attempt to pinpoint the exact source of the video—included Belo as one of the possible accomplices.


Belo's ordeal continued with a lawsuit filed by a patient accusing the clinic of malpractice. Josefina Norcio complained that the Belo Medical Group botched a buttocks augmentation surgery done on her in 2003 and 2005.

How is Dra. Vicki coping with all these problems hounding her?

"Normally, okay ako," she said. "Kasi naman, alam ko wala akong ginawang masama. Pero once in a while, bumababa din ang spirits ko, kasi ang daming naniniwala sa hindi totoo. Nahe-hurt ako kasi 19 years na ako dito [in the medical surgery industry and] maganda naman 'yong pinakita ko sa mga tao. Ba't ang dali nilang maniwala na may puwede akong gawing masama? But other than that, alam ko namang nakakatulong ako nang maayos."

STILL FRIENDS WITH HAYDEN. Vicki announced that the travel ban imposed on her in connection with the sex video scandal will be lifted on August 15. She is scheduled to visit Orlando, Florida for a series of talks.


As for her relationship with Hayden, Vicki confessed that communication lines between them have managed to withstand the pressure brought about by the entire controversy. She said, however, that they seldom discuss the issue and the lawsuit.

"Friends lang talaga kami," Vicki stressed. "We talk at least twice a week."

She added: "Dr. Kho and I are just friends. From the very beginning naman, the only support I've given him is emotional support. The other thing is maybe I help 'pag may kilala sa showbiz, pero siya naman ang nagdala nun kasi may talent naman siya."

Vicki's continued kindness and generosity to Hayden—whose illicit affairs done behind his benefactor's back is now common knowledge, thanks mainly to the proliferation of the sex videos—never fails to puzzle the public.

"Ako naman, 'pag kaibigan ko, kaibigan talaga ako forever and marunong naman ako mag-separate ng lovelife 'tsaka friendship. I'm always friends with my exes. Kaya ko naman mahal [sila], kasi mabait sila or mabait sila sa akin. And I think naman na I'm not the type of person who will abandon someone at their point of highest need," explained Vicki.






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