Philippine Medical Association suspends Hayden Kho's membership


Hayden Kho reveals his new image as a staunch supporter and believer of women's rights by gracing the launch of the white ribbon campaign of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Kho's decision to affiliate with a women-oriented cause came in the wake of his one-year suspension, which was slapped on him by the The Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

It was an unlikely alliance. But cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho braved possible condemnation from staunch women's rights advocates by attending the launch of the white ribbon campaign of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

The event was sponsored by UNIFEM to raise awareness and thwart the increasing violence against women.

Kho gained national notoriety after his sex videos with different women were exposed a few months back. Among those in the video was sexy actress Katrina Halili, who then filed a lawsuit against Kho for allegedly breaching her trust and publicly humiliating her.

Kho stressed that his presence at the occasion was an indication of his desire to support advocacies concerning women.

He also credited his lawyer, Lorna Kapunan—a known advocate of women's rights—for educating him on the subject and encouraging him to reach out.

It was also revealed during the event that Kho's membership with The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has been suspended for a year due to his "conduct offensive to the profession."

Kapunan clarified, however, that the suspension only deals with her client's membership status and not his professional license as a doctor. The PMA has reportedly asked The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to likewise suspend the ex-boyfriend of cosmetic surgeon-entrepreneur Vicki Belo.

Katrina Halili had personally filed a request addressed to the PRC to revoke Kho's medical license. She argued that Hayden's private behavior is totally unbecoming for a medical professional. Should the PRC decide to act favorably to Katrina's request, Hayden's license to practice his profession will automatically be cancelled.

Kho, who said that he was expecting the PMA's verdict, told reporters: "I respect their decision... I'm actually ready for anything."





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