Akihiro Sato hopes to repeat last year's success in Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash


"The first time, I was really nervous. I don't know what to do but I was happy with the people's reaction. So, I hope this time, it would be more relaxing and comfortable," said the Brazilian model.

Among the featured centerfolds for the 2009 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, Brazilian model and Celebrity Duets contestant Akihiro Sato has the most pressure on him.

At the Cosmo Bash last year, Akihiro was the most applauded among the bachelors. He has to prove consistency this year as the crowd is now more familiar with him.

"Well, I'm just thinking, what I'm gonna do with the show. I don't know what they will gonna ask for us to do. But I'm sure, walang top and it would gonna be fun. I believe, it's again an exciting thing to do for the Cosmopolitan Bachelor's 2009."

Dugtong pa niya, "Yung last year, it was really a privilege, an experience na lahat naman ng tao sa Pilipinas, gusto ko. I don't know. I'm just enjoying here and I'm just enjoying a lot in the Philippines especially the Filipinos are all nice."

Ikinuwento rin niya ang experience niya noong una siyang rumampa.

"The first time, I was really nervous. I don't know what to do but I was happy with the people's reaction. So, I hope this time, it would be more relaxing and comfortable."

Feeling naman ni Akihiro, kung ibe-base raw sa ginawa niyang pictorial for Cosmo Men, sexier raw yung last year where he was in bed, ngayon, mas "discreet" ang term na ginamit ni Akihiro.

"But I'm happy that for two years, I'm a part of the centerfolds. I just hope that more people are going to watch it."

CELEBRITY DUETS AND BIRTHDAYS. He's been preparing himself for the big night which will be on September 10 at NBC Tent.

"I'm doing more boxing this time, kasi it's giving me more good shape. Gusto ko kasi, more stronger ako. Last year, I was 72 kilos and now my weight is about 79, kaya mas malakas. Mas gusto ko yung weight ko ngayon. Kapag payat kasi ako, I look more younger."


Akihiro will turn 23 years old on Saturday, September 12. It will also be the day that Celebrity Duets will have its first elimination night.

"Yes, I don't know what will gonna happen," nakangiting pahayag niya.

"When it comes to my birthday, I don't know what will happen because it will also be my mother's birthday. We have the same day but she's in Brazil . So, I don't know. Honestly, I feel like I'm a bit missing her, so I'll talk to her. Maybe my management, Mercartor are preparing something but you know, it's also the night for Celebrity Duets."

Anong birthday wish niya?

"I wish that my mom could be here because we have the same day. But, maybe later," nakangiti pa rin niyang sabi.

Hindi ba kasama sa wish niya ang manalo sa Celebrity Duets?

"Oh, yes! It's actually my first time that I am singing and I don't know. Actually, it's mahirap. Kasi, hindi naman talaga ako singer pero, so far, okey naman. It's fun. I am enjoying, so, let's see what will gonna happen in the show."

Nag-e-expect ba siyang manalo?

"Well, it's more of I'm enjoying. In the first place, I am not a singer. More than the competition, I'm more after the experience and the fun."

Sa lahat ng mga contenders, sino ang nakikita niyang mahigpit niyang kalaban?

"Lahat naman malakas. But, I think, malakas si Nonito Donaire Jr. Also, the photographer, Niccolo [Cosme], and Gina Alajar. I like her sing."





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