BB Gandanghari and Robin Padilla are talking about making an action movie together


"Napagbatuhan na namin," said BB Gandanghari. "Ang ganda yata no'n actually. The Action King meets the King of Queens. Parang, why not? Puwede pa rin ako makipagbarilan, 'no?"

For BB Gandanghari, her life is just a work in progress.

Before transforming into BB Gandanghari, she was Rustom Padilla, action star and hunk. But fate had different plans for Rustom as he disappeared from the local scene to study abroad, and emerged later with the announcement that Rustom was no more and BB was now in his place. However, as earlier said, being BB is a work in progress and it would not be complete until she has a man in her life.

Speaking at the 16th National Public Relations Congress held at the Manila Hotel yesterday September 11, BB shared with the audience her experiences of change, how she handled such an experience with courage, and her family's adjustment to her new "look."

"Paganda na nang paganda ang relasyon," BB told Startalk in an interview. "Now may pagkakataon na kami ni Mama [mag-usap]. Dinalaw kasi ako ni Mama at ng dalawang kapatid ko, so mas nagiging open na relationship at mas nagiging normal na at nararamdaman ko na ang acceptance."

With this good news, is it now ok for BB to introduce a boyfriend to her mother?

"Siguro," smiled BB, "kaso wala naman, e. I mean hindi ko naman basta-basta ipapakilala dahil, siyempre, you wanna make sure na matino naman yung ipapakilala mo at hindi ka naman mapapahiya."

When asked if it is okay for BB to have a relationship with a gay guy, she laughingly said, "Basta tao. Haha! I need a man! However you wanna define that, but I need a man!"

BB had originally planned on having a sex change but it is not as easy as it sounds. Right now she is studying and learning all about the procedure and what may happen in the process. "In case na dumating ang plano na mapag-isipan ko talaga nang seryoso, e alam ko na ang symptoms and everything," she said. However, she added that she doesn't want to think about it too much since the issue can get rather overwhelming. "Take it one day at a time," she smiled.


Recent interviews had BB's brother Robin saying that he wanted to star in an action film with his sister.

"Napagbatuhan na namin," agreed BB. "Ang ganda yata noon actually. The Action King meets the King of Queens. Parang, why not? Puwede pa rin ako makipagbarilan, no?"





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