Rufa Mae Quinto says she'll still work with Mo Twister but Showbiz Central co-host no longer "exists" for her


Rufa Mae Quinto rebuked Mo Twister for getting it wrong by tweeting that presidential son Mikey Arroyo was her secret fiance, but her engagement to still unnamed non-showbiz boyfriend keeps her smiling.

Comedienne and host Rufa Mae Quinto has been feeling a bit down lately because of a controversy instigated by fellow Showbiz Central host Mo Twister, who said in his Twitter account that she was having a relationship with presidential son Mikey Arroyo. Mo, of course, has since retracted the tweet and said that he had called her up to apologize. (Click here for the story.)

But, Rufa Mae said on a Startalk segment today, "Nagso-sorry daw, pero wala naman akong natanggap na text. Sana bigyan niya ako ng respeto kasi paulit-ulit, e. Huwag niya akong gawin joke."

Such words mean that she and Mo still haven't patched things up. "Hindi kami pinagbati," she stressed. "Parang ganito lang 'yan, e: babae kang tao tapos ginawa na sa iyo nang ilang ulit. Paulit-ulit na, e. Hindi ito first time—not once, not twice, not thrice... apat dapat na 'to!"

Rufa said she was not angry with Mo, but after all that has happened, she's now more reserved when she is around the DJ, meaning that there is probably no more chance for the two to ever become friends.

"NR [no reaction]," she expressed. "Noon pa hindi na nabalik. Last year pa. Ever since naman we're not friends, e. Honest. Kahit papaano chika-chika, wala na ang dati. Ano pang emosyon ang kaya kong ibigay?"

When asked if it was ok for Rufa to continue working with Mo, she said, "Wala naman akong choice, e. Basta ayoko na patulan. Wala, hindi na siya nagma-matter. Hindi siya nag-e-exist."

STRONGER, THANKS TO MYSTERY BOYFRIEND. Such a controversy would have proven too much for Rufa, but thanks to her mystery boyfriend, she's been able to bear it.

"Mas naging strong," commented Rufa. "Parang naaapi ako madalas at walang kalaban-laban. Siyempre touched naman ako sa jowa so nandoon siya..."


This mystery boyfriend of Rufa shall remain a mystery indeed unless he decides to show himself. Said Rufa, "Kung gusto niya humarap sa TV—hindi naman siya artista, e. So parang nahihiya pa siya. Ako naman bilang artista, siyempre proud ako bilang babae."

One other thing that makes Rufa happy right now is the glittering ring on her finger. This is the question: Is she engaged to her boyfriend?

"Engaged na talaga," smiled Rufa. "Siyempre nag-propose. Pero tama na 'yon."

Rufa shared no more beyond the fact that she was now engaged. She would reveal all at the right time and at the right place. For now, it is a private thing. To those who continue put down Rufa, this was all she had to (jokingly) say:

"This is it. I rebuke you!"





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