Gabby Concepcion's timeless appeal


For his pictorial with I/M, the clothing brand he endorses, Gabby's preparation is pretty simple. He tells PEP, "Moisturizer, and dapat magaling ang makeup artist, lalo na if you haven't had sleep."

If we compare the Gabby Concepcion who left showbiz almost 15 years ago and the one who now plays leading man to Lorna Tolentino in ABS-CBN's Dahil May Isang Ikaw, there's not much difference.

His megawatt-smile can still elicit shrieks and giggles from adoring female fans. His boyish charm is quite unparalleled even if he's already in his mid-40s.

But Gabby admits to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that just like any other celebrity, he has to deal with the demands of showbiz. Yes, genes figure greatly in the way he looks, but unlike before, he now has to put in some effort to maintain it.

Staying lean and fit is one of his utmost concerns. To do this, he engages in a sport at least three times a week.

"I work out, I do a lot of cardiovascular...I exercise, I play badminton, I play tennis. I go to the gym, kasi sa Pilipinas, you sweat," the 80's matinee idol says.

He continues, "Nung unang dumating ako, I was 195 lbs., and then, bumaba ako. Naglalaro ako ngayon between 175 to 180."

And his target is "165 lbs," which—according to the dad of KC—is "pinakamahirap tanggalin yung last ten pounds."

To achieve his goal, he follows a "no-rice diet" whenever he can.

"I eat a lot pero I stay away from rice," Gabby relates.

And there are reasons why he avoids eating rice, "Unang-una kasi, ang rice nakakabusog agad. E, ako, I love eating. It's one of my passion so kumakain ako ng protein, lahat protein...

"I read an article in the States, I don't remember which article yun...Protein will make you lose weight faster kasi ang carbohydrates, you use it up because it's sugar, which turns into fats.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm overloaded with carbohydrates, may mga long-stored fats ako, e. I need to get rid of that first kaya hindi ako nagra-rice."


From his no-rice diet, the topic shifted to guwapo secrets. Other than laugh lines, Gabby's skin can rival that of 20-something males. When he was younger, it was quite effortless for him to remain flawless and wrinkle-free. Now that he's 44, he admits, "I have a secret."

And "that secret which has never been revealed" is: "I take vitamins, moisturizers."

Before we can ask for the brand, he quickly says, "But what the name of these moisturizers are, hindi ko muna sasabihin."

Even the time he was away from showbiz, he made it a point to apply moisturizer.

He shares, "In the States kasi, dry ang skin natin dun. Pero minsan, nakakalimutan ko rin, e. Hindi naman ako everyday naglalagay pero I make it a point to put kasi mararamdaman mo yung skin mo, it gets tight. Ewan ko ngayon, hindi ako naglagay pero nagkakaroon ka ng flakes because of the dry skin."

So, if the guys out there would want to have a soft, smooth, and taut skin, heed Gabby's advice: "Moisturizer is the trick."





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