Dingdong Dantes says his fans always give him an adrenaline rush


Dingdong Dantes just laughed when PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked him if his support for presidential aspirant Sen. Noynoy Aquino could go beyond the usual endorsement, and into being included in the senatorial slate. "Senatorial slate? May gano'n?" the actor laughed good-naturedly.

Hundreds of fans flocked to TriNoMa last Sunday, Oct. 11, to attend their idol's book signing event, held at National Bookstore. They endured long lines to personally meet and greet the star, who was ranked third sexiest man in the world by an international magazine.

Dingdong Dantes was happy to see them, of course. He was all set to prove worthy of his fans' admiration—"Mabait, palangiti, madaling lapitan. Higit sa lahat, guwapo at maganda ang breeding. 'Yan si Dingdong Dantes."

"NOT A BIOGRAPHY." Those who want to know Dingdong Dantes even more may want to get their own Yes! Life Stories. Released last month, the bookazine painstakingly details Dingdong's life in and outside the glitter of show business.

But Dingdong points out that the bookazine is not his autobiography. He says he still does not feel fulfilled enough in life to do that.

"Because I believe, I still have more to do for me to do a biography. At this point and at this stage, I think I shouldn't do that first. Marami pa akong gustong gawin, marami pa akong kailangang gawin," he explained.

Instead, the bookazine narrates how Dingdong manages to be the big star he is today and how he stays the way he was before stardom.

"Itong bookazine na ito, in fact, one thing that I would like to share, it contains information, details na hindi naman or wala namang kinalaman sa showbiz. But it talks more about myself at kung sino talaga ako and more of the reason why I'm here right now," he explained.

FANS ARE STRENGTH. Dingdong spent almost three hours signing hundreds of copies of the bookazine, talking to fans, and posing for pictures. Yet he did not show any sign of fatigue. His fans are his source of strength, he said.

"In fact I get my energy from them because they show me that they appreciate me. There's nothing more, I won't ask for anything more. When I see them I don't feel really tired," Dingdong said.

In fact, he said one of the moments he cherishes most while in showbiz was when his fans club donated a big amount of money to Yes Pinoy Foundation, which he heads.

"It was a moment of truth na pinagkakatiwalaan nila ako," he proudly said.

Dingdong expressed his gratitude profusely.

"Hanep kayo, hanep kayo! Maraming salamat for supporting me," he enthused. "Kaya ako nagkakaroon ng fuel and strength because of people like you and so I never get tired. So, carry on guys!"






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