Derek Ramsay nervous about his movie with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban


"I'd like to get a chance to work with everybody. I've always said na sponge ako, e. I learn anything from anyone I work with," said Derek Ramsay when asked who he wants to be his next leading lady.

Everyone who travels along EDSA may already have seen Derek Ramsay's half-naked billboard promoting Century Tuna's corned tuna. He admits he gets a lot of compliments because of that and the sexy commercial on television.

This is actually not the first time that the hunky actor has been admired for his well-sculpted body. However, he said, this is something that he'll never get used to.

"I don't know what to say when you say things like that, I get all shy. It's a nice feeling and I still don't understand why. It's just something that I think I'll never get used to. Just like when I go to the mall and fans are there screaming and trying to get my attention. I still don't know why they do that but, you know, it's really nice," Derek told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the press launch of his endorsement this afternoon, at Felix Restaurant, Greenbelt 5 in Makati City.

The actor was just grateful that he has a good metabolism, which he credits for his active lifestyle.

He stated, "I'm just really comfortable with myself. I don't go to the gym to make my body look better. I play sport and I enjoy it. Ever since I was a little boy, I was exposed to competitive sports kaya naging ganito ako."

FROM DRAMA TO COMEDY. Aside from his newest endorsement, Derek was also happy about his project with comedy actress Toni Gonzaga, titled Precious Hearts Romances Presents Ang Lalaking Nagmahal sa Akin.

Although he started as a drama actor, Derek said he did not have a hard time doing comedy because of his co-actors and Direk Wenn Deramas.

"I really like that show," he commented. "Direk Wenn Deramas is a genius when it comes to comedy. And it's a real challenge to work with him kasi pagdating mo sa set, nabasa mo na nga ang script, pero iibahin niya lahat. Actually, I prefer it that way kasi mas name-memorize ko 'yong lines ko, binabato na lang sa akin. Also, Toni is easy to get along with. She is amazing as an actress. Nakakatawa siya kahit alas-kuwatro na ng umaga, ganun pa rin siya."


The actor added, "It's much nicer to do something much lighter than something na mabigat. At ang saya ng cast namin—si Ketchup [Eusebio], si Janus [del prado]—it's just like we're playing. So, I don't think about the transition from drama role to comedy. Pero sila naman ang nagdadala ng comedy, e."

HEAVY DRAMA WITH GIRLFRIEND ANGELICA. The show, according to Derek, would have its last episode next Friday. After this, Derek will be busy shooting for his movie project with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban and actor Gabby Concepcion, Star Cinema's entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival titled I Love You, Goodbye.

Derek said that after doing the TV show, he would give his full attention to the movie because he's really nervous about it.

PEP asked him why and he replied, "Mabigat siya!"

He further explained, "'Yong focus ko ngayon is actually on that kasi it's kinda harder to do a scene with somebody that you're with. So, lahat ng attention ko ngayon talaga naka-focus doon sa shooting noon. Plus, pang-Filmfest pa, so natatakot ako!"





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