PEP EXCLUSIVE: Will Devaughn denies involvement in rumored Wendy Valdez-Bruce Quebral problem


"Whatever she's going through now... Ang hirap naman 'yong mga fans, 'yong mga ginawa nila. She should've have known, kahit sino ka, talagang ang sakit n'on, di ba?" Will Devaughn stated about the issue being thrown at his former co-actor Wendy Valdez. The actress refused to give PEP an interview about the alleged relationship problem with boyfriend Bruce Quebral.

"Walang [kaming] relationship," said model-turned-actor Will Devaughn tersely about his rumored involvement in the alleged relationship problem between Pinoy Big Brother couple Wendy Valdez and Bruce Quebral. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

In an exclusive phone interview this afternoon with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) the former PBB celebrity housemate said that the accusation was impossible.

He also made clear that he and Wendy never went out on a date when they were still doing the Precious Hearts Romances Presents Bud Brothers. They were paired in the episode called "Once in a Lifetime Love."

"Hindi totoo 'yun," he stated. "Close kaming lahat sa Bud Brothers. Siyempre, lalo na si Wendy, expected naman."

Will said that whatever closeness the fans saw between him and Wendy was just normal for people who work together in a project.

He said, "It's different [for] me. Yeah, we get along well, nagbo-bonding kami pero it stopped there. Parang we both know that also."

Then he explained that he had the same relationship with his other Bud Brothers co-actors.

"Hindi lang naman professional pero friends talaga. I mean, after ng Bud Brothers, tapos na ang Bud Brothers, friends pa rin kami. We were friends. I mean, lahat kami close—sila Rafael [Rosell], Mariel [Rodriguez], Janna Dominguez, Manuel [Chua]—we're all close, e. We really developed a bond, e."

NO DATING HAPPENED. Contrary to the comments that came out in some forum sites, Will said that he and Wendy never went out during their Bud Brothers team-up.

"Hindi talaga," he answered when PEP asked if he dated Wendy.

He also explained accusations that his lady partner chose him to be her escort at the Star Magic Ball last August instead of her boyfriend Bruce, who was reportedly on a break in Manila from his job as flight attendant.


To prove this, he told PEP, "Actually, my [partner] was Helga [Krapf]. Also, at the Star Magic Ball, I was with sila Rafael, Manuel, and Wendy."

He also seemed clueless as he remarked, "I really don't know what they're talking about."

What about the pictures of you and Wendy that were posted in some forum sites?

"Sometimes when there are pictures, they just tend to overact the pictures. I think that's something [that happens] over taking a picture. Yeah, we [Wendy and I] became close but we [Bud Brothers cast members] all became close," he explained.

THREATS FROM A FAN. In connection with this issue, Will also mentioned the threats sent to him by a fan via text messages.

He described, "There's something about this particular fan na nasisira ang fantasy dahil wala na sina Bruce at Wendy. This particular fan is super dedicated, very dedicated. I can't go into detail about it. I will let Wendy do that when you talk to her.

"But it's really crazy. I mean the point of craziness, what this fan does, what they send me, posts, mga pictures, they have no sleep, parang ganun. I don't know but there's one particular fan na obsessed, na super scary."

Has he made any action about this fan who sent him threats?

Will answered, "Actually, sabi ng manager ko, dapat mapa-blotter na siya. Kasi he tries to be like, to beat me up and to ruin my car or buhusan ng acid sa mukha. Nagte-text talaga siya. Ngayon, hindi na masyado pero dati grabe talaga."

Do you think it's related to the issue linking him to Wendy and Bruce?

"It has to be because I don't know kapag nakausap [mo] si Wendy, probably she would explain more kung bakit ganun ang mga fans. Ako naman, I let her speak about that na lang pero di ko sure... Basta something about the fans in particular," said Will.


NO CONVERSATION ABOUT BRUCE. When PEP asked the model-actor if he and Wendy talked about Bruce, who's currently based in Dubai after he left showbiz to work as a flight attendant.

Will said, "We never really talked about things like that. Siyempre, I heard rumors about [relationship problems] before pero never kong tinanong si Wendy. Parang bakit pa, there's no reason for me to ask pa. Sa kanya na 'yon."

He also reacted to the accusation that he's one of the reasons for the alleged conflict between Wendy and Bruce. Will said, "Sobra na 'yan, ha! Parang that's impossible."

Will then added, "Right now, nagulat lang ako na biglang sinasabi na ako ang reason na nag-break sila Bruce. Hindi ko rin sure, mag-usap na lang kami ni Wendy."

Before the conversation ended, PEP asked Will how Wendy was during their last meeting at the birthday of their Bud Brothers co-actor Manuel Chua a couple of weeks ago.

He related, "She seems like she's okay. She's a strong girl. Sa lahat ng mga nangyayari sa kanya, dapat matapang siya. She's okay. I can't tell, of course, whoever has a problem in a relationship, it's difficult sa umpisa."

PEP also asked if Wendy had told him any problem she has with Bruce. Will said, "If there's something going on, hindi ko alam 'yon. I don't think I should be the one to say this. It shouldn't come from me."

Will said that he and Wendy don't communicate anymore, not as often as they did during Bud Brothers. He's been busy working on his upcoming album, which will be launched soon. And he just finished shooting a new concept ad for his Jag endorsement with Marian Rivera.





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