Survivor Philippines: Palau castaway Justine Ferrer admits she was courted by tribemate Suzuki Sadatsugu


Survivor Philippines: Palau castaway Justine Ferrer gets strapped in Showbiz Central's"Don't Lie to Me"segment to test her nerves and calmly answer questions about controversial issues concerning her and her tribemates.

Survivor Philippines' first season brought out the real deal in people and revelations on its contestants were nothing short of shocking. Then the second season of the reality show on GMA-7 proved that surprise factor is just as fresh and shocking as ever.

Check out Justine Ferrer, for example. The beauty queen-businesswoman surely passes as a head turner. But the truth, as already revealed, was shocking for her rivals in Survivor Philippines: Palau. As it turned out, Justine was once a man who decided to undergo a sex-change operation and became the woman she is now.

Revealing to the world that you're a transsexual really doesn't change much as Justine proved that it takes wit and muscle to make it to the Final 4 of Survivor Philippines: Palau. She is a mix of beauty, brains, and a whole lot of brawn.

This time around, the Caloocan-based Justine was given the challenge to sit through Showbiz Central's lie detector to test if she could indeed tell the truth and survive under pressure.

The first question John "Sweet" Lapus had for her: "Bilang transsexual na beauty queen, maraming nagtataka na ang lahat ba ng parte ng katawan mo ay pangbabae na?"

Barely half a second after John read the question, Justine immediately answered, "Yes." Her lie-detector reading showed how calm and composed she was and gave her positive feedback. When asked to explain, she said that some procedures were done here in the Philippines and in Japan where she worked as an entertainer.

"Na-late na nga 'yong pagpapagawa ko," Justine smiled. "Para sa akin, ang pagiging transsexual is congenital."

The next question proved quite difficult as the topic moved to Justine's fellow castaways. Was there ever a time that she lied about her sexuality?

This time around, Justine thought for a moment before giving a laughing "No!" But the machine found her to be lying.


Knowing that she had to explain, Justine gamely clarified, "Minsan sa mga chat-chat. Hehe."

There's a rumor that fellow castaway Suzuki Sadatsugu wooed her while they were in Palau. Justine confirmed this with a smile. "Pero naputol na. Nagulantang ang mundo niya noong hindi pala [ako girl]!" she said.

The next question was about her fellow castaway Mika Batchelor. John asked, "Marami ang nagulat at natanggalan ng peace of mind noong si Mika ang ma-out, to think na solid ang samahan ni Jef [Gaitan], Mika, at si Amanda [Colley Van Cooll]. Pero si Mika pa rin ang natanggal. Brineynwash [brainwash] mo ba ang ibang babae na kasama mo sa isla ang i-vote at hindi ikaw?"

"No!" Justine replied.

Again, Justine's answer resulted in a lie and her surprised look was drowned by cheers from the audience.

After her initial surprise she explained, "Nakakaloka, ha! Hindi ko naman brineynwash. Kaya mas pumanig sa akin si Charles at Jef dahil hindi ako nagbigay ng pressure sa kanila... Parang sinasabi ko ang sa akin at sinasabi ko din ang side nila. I never told them na pumanig sa akin. You have freedom, so mas pinili nila alliance namin kasi walang amo. Lahat kami free!"





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