Heart Evangelista leaves Great Wall of China with "something" from Dennis Trillo


Mano Po 6: My Mother's Love's main star Sharon Cuneta (top right, left) will play Melinda Uy, who's the sister-in-law of Zsa Zsa Padilla (top right, right). The "mabait kids" will be played by (top left; from left) Nicole Uysiuseng, Ciara Sotto and John Manalo. The movie will feature Beijing's famous destinations, which include the Forbidden City, the location of the group pictorial yesterday, November 21 (bottom). Joining the cast were

The last working day of Mano Po 6: My Mother's Love for cast and crew went like a breeze. It was still freezing cold, but the team arrived at the locations—Forbidden City and Great Wall of China—"lamig-proof."

FORBIDDEN CITY. The three buses hired by Regal Films arrived at the northern side of the former palace, the Gate of Divine Might, past 9 a.m. yesterday, November 21.

Near the entrance, a group of Filipinos approached Zsa Zsa Padilla for a photo op. One of them said, "Ms. Zsa Zsa, tuwang-tuwa kaming makita kayo..." The Divine Diva gladly posed with them.

Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista seemed to have formed a fan base in the city. Some locals mistook her for the younger version of famous Chinese actress Gong Li, while a few thought she was Song Hye Kyo, the lead actress of the hit Koreanovela Full House. The Kapuso actress told them that she was not Song Hye Kyo, but she would be playing Jesse's role in the Filipino adaptation.


Showbiz newbie Nicole Uysiuseng also got more than a warm hello from the Chinese public and foreign tourists. Star Patrol's Mario Dumaual told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "Ang daming nagpa-picture sa kanya."

The official pictorial happened swiftly, and majority of the time was spent on traversing the vast courtyards.

Before leaving the city, the Mano Po 6 team had their first group shot. (CLICK HERE to view the gallery.)

Dennis Trillo also bought something, which would later spark tittle-tattle among the press and media people who were invited to cover the Beijing trip. (CLICK HERE to watch Dennis's video interview with PEP)

GREAT WALL OF CHINA. The trip to Beijing's famous historical landmark took more than an hour.

When the climb started, the stars had their cameras ready for souvenir shots. Afterwards, Raymond Isaac did the pictorial, then all the stars—except for Zsa Zsa and Dennis—were called to the shoot.


It was a "reconciliation" scene. Melinda, the character of Sharon, shared a quiet walk with daughter Stephanie, portrayed by Heart. While the rest of her children—Carol (Ciara), Audrey (Nicole), and Walden (John)—were right behind them, taking pictures of the Wall. (CLICK HERE to view the gallery.)

Director Joel Lamangan completed the job in less than 30 minutes.

A few hours later, the team was on its way back to Beijing Asian Village, where the Bird's Nest and Century International Grand Hotel are located.

There was no time to go to the souvenir shops, so we left empty-handed, except for Heart.

The lady left the Great Wall with a necklace and pendant, which turned out to have a special meaning for the Chinese. And it came from Dennis Trillo.

At dinnertime, PEP asked Dennis about his "gift." He said, "Nakita ko yun sa Forbidden City. Nagustuhan ko kaya binili ko. Yun pala, ang ibig sabihin nung pendant, 'Goddess of Beauty.'"


Almost instinctively he gave it to Heart.

Dennis admitted even before this project that Heart has been his longtime crush. But both of them chose to stay focused on their respective careers so nothing ever came of it.

But with this development, let's wait and see if the cold city of Beijing will eventually melt their "cold" outlook towards lovelife.


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